Fruit Smoothies, Some Health Benefits of Apple Smoothies

A home smoothie maker enables everyone get the nutritional benefits of healthy smoothies without the expense of purchasing ready-made smoothies. It seems amazing that the sales of ready to drink smoothies from health food shops and grocery stores are going through the roof when smoothies are so easy and cheap to make at home.

Cash-rich, time-poor, health-conscious under 35s are the biggest consumers of store-bought smoothies. However, it easy to get the nutritional benefits of smoothies without the necessity of going to this sort of expense. In fact, by choosing the cheaper alternative, making smoothies for ourselves in a smoothie maker, even greater benefits will be obtained because the smoothies will be absolutely fresh. None of the nutrient value will be lost as you can drink your smoothie straight away.

The old saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, is one that most of us will have heard at some time or other. However, in the 21st century, we are being told by scientists about the nutritional benefits of including apples in our diets. So this ‘old wives’ tale’ has a lot more truth in it than we thought.

Just as an example, children with asthma who drink a daily glass of apple juice have been shown to benefit. It has been proven that these children suffer measureably less wheezing than another group of children with asthma who drank apple juice once a month or less. Another health benefit from apples comes for adults who suffer with cholesterol problems as eating two apples daily could result in a reduction of their cholesterol levels by as much as sixteen percent. Apples contain pectin and it is the pectin that is responsible for this lowering effect on the levels of ‘bad cholesterol’.

Another benefit of apple pectin for people with diabetes is that the galacturonic acid it supplies, lowers the body’s insulin requirements temporarily. Recent research about the health benefits of apples is even more exciting. Damage to our brain cells caused by free radicals can lead to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and scientist have now found that a substance called quercetin from apples may have a protective effect.

It is impossible in a short article like this to explain all the health benefits that can be derived from getting a smoothie maker to make your own smoothies at home. What I have tried to do is to underline for you the incredible health benefits from apples, just one of the fruits that you could be converting into delicious smoothies. So, why not try out some fruit smoothie recipes for yourself? Another great bonus is that everyone in the family will enjoy them and they are so fast and fabulous that nutritious has never tasted so delicious!