News Fruits that help weight loss !

Fruits that help weight loss !


Sweet tooth and weight, isn’t really working? Why not? Are you willing to replace all those high calorie sweets with thw natural sweet of fruits which help weight loss. What we require is to follow a balanced diet and eat fruits which will also keep us filling and help in weight loss. Fruits not only help us burn fat but also control and maintain our weight.

Berries, grapefruits & raisins are great to start your day with your favourite cereal. Also you can just carry a bottle of grape fruit juice and keep sipping on it, especially before taking any meal. Strawberries if you add up to your routine diet not only taste delicious but also helps you loosen all those extra pounds and maintain your weight loss routine. Also it’s a very good for heart and arthritis. A low fat yogurt and any choice of berry can be enjoyable and great as a dessert.

To replace high calorie ice cream, one can grind any choice of berry and add to the yogurt and freeze them in ice trays. And enjoy yummy frozen fruity yogurt pops.

Apples, a ball of fibre, mineral and pectin which fights with the lipids in our body. Have 1 before any meal or replace it with any evening snack. One you slice the apples; give them a squeeze of lime. It wont change its colour and also enjoy the goodness of lemon.

If we keep on eating foods which do not supply enough nutrients to fulfil the requirement of our body, we will keep feeling hungry and eventually endup on unhealthy snacking.

Pears, a tasty and juicy fruit full of fibre and vitamin C. It just not help in weight loss but also good for eyesight and digestion.

We get variety of melons which are great source of potassium, vitamins and fibre. Honeydew melon, water melon, cantaloupes, sweet and juicy and comes with a pack of nutrients which keeps you filling and energetic.

Peaches help in weight loss too by fastening your metabolic rate. You can consume peach after a meal to help digest your meal by increasing BMR.

How can we forget oranges while talking about weight loss fruits. The are an excellent source of fiber, Vitamin C and keep you looking fresh when on diet.

Fruits that help weight loss !
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