Fully Compatible Cases with your Lg G3 Smart Phone

What else do you need to ensure the complete protection of your new Lg G3 smart phone; nothing more than a slim, smart and attractive case. The online shopping market place has broadened the horizons for getting a variety of products, compare their features and prices and choose the best one within just a few clicks.

Compatible with your Device

Most of the cases available in the market protect your device with distinctive, ultra modern flair. They are very much compatible with your device and have been designed taking care of the shape and curves of your device. For enjoying a seamless fit, you should remove the back cover of your Lg G3 smart phone and slip it into the case. The case will encompass your phone with utmost accuracy.

Unique Circular Windows

The case for your Lg G3 device features a unique circular window that lets you view the clock without having to open the cover. The case also has sufficient amount of ports at the right places to ensure proper functionality of the most commonly used features of your Lg device. You can avail swipe access to the music player, call logs, camera or messaging apps. You can also answer or decline any incoming calls right from your case cover.

Wakes your Phone Up

As soon as you open the case, it automatically wakes up your device and brings it in a ready to use state.


Once you have removed the back cover of your smart phone and inserted it into the LG Quick Circle Wireless Charging Folio Case, you can enjoy the easy convenience of wireless charging. All that you have to do is to place your phone on a compatible wireless charging device and it will charge your phone automatically in no time.


You can easily customize your case’s window by selecting your own preferred array of app shortcuts, which you use the most. You have to just open the case and access the Quick Circle accessory in your phone settings.

Camera Access

Your very own case Lg G3 never lets you miss an opportunity of getting a great click. You get instant camera access right from the outside of your case even when your Lg device is safely tucked inside the case. You just need to tap the camera icon to use the rear facing camera and take a snap with another simple tap.