Fun Activities for Kids on Halloween for School

Ideas Regarding Fun Activities for Kids on Halloween for School

Halloween is near and you’re clueless about fun activities for kids on Halloween for school. This is a typical scenario nowadays since most of today’s kids are hard pleased. With gadgets, films and addicting video games, a child’s interest is hard to gain. But, no matter how frustrating it is, this is achievable. All it takes is a careful consideration of what can make kids interested and excited in a certain activity. To make things easier, you can use these ideas for fun Halloween school activities for kids.

Halloween stories

Story telling is actually an old-time Halloween school activity. But, this activity can be interesting if you keep it fresh every year. In doing this, you can research on paranormal activities around the world. Basically, most of these stories are based from a person’s experience. Urban legends are also good Halloween stories you can use. As long as you can narrate it to your class with exaggerations and special effects, it would be very convincing. The thing is kids love a good Halloween scare. If you can provide them with one or more, it can be considered as fun activities for kids on Halloween for school.

Scavenging hunts

Who doesn’t want a great quest and some puzzle solving activities? Investigatory games or activities are very popular today. Plus, this is actually a mysterious game fitting for a Halloween celebration. Just try to keep it simple and child appropriate to make it more interesting for kids. You can even add some cool treats and prizes for the winning team to make it more exciting.

The problem about scavenging hunts or investigatory games is space. You might want to seek permission to use the playground or any wide area in your school in advance. In addition to that, this can be tedious. If you have friends who can help setup the scene, it would be much easier. Nonetheless, this is definitely a fun Halloween activity.

Making Halloween crafts

If you’re looking for a less extraneous activity, you can opt for an arts and crafts Halloween project. This activity is not as simple as drawing the scariest monster available. It is actually creating Halloween decors from scratch. You can let them bring some recycled materials, coloring set and glue for them to use. One example is pumpkin or skeleton decors made of molded newspapers. Although not that exciting, this activity can be fun and interesting for kids. It can also enhance their creative side. But, if you want to make the activity more competitive, you can make this activity as a contest. The winning décor gets to have a treat.


There are actually numerous fun activities you can do for Halloween. With innovation and imagination, you can create your own Halloween activities for kids. Just keep in mind that it should be suitable for a kid’s age, skill and comprehension. Furthermore, always keep it interesting and exciting. Other than that, you’ll definitely enjoy creating your very own fun activities for kids on Halloween for school.