Fun Crafts to Do at Home

I have two little boys and keeping them busy isn’t hard but keeping them busy and not always underfoot can be challenging at times. However, I have a craft closet filled with fun crafts for them to do at home and that I can pull out and put together in a jiffy. Without these quick crafts I think I would have lost my sanity years ago, especially in the middle of winter.

My Favorite Fun Crafts to do at Home

In my craft cupboard is a plastic shoebox filled with various types of paper: tissue paper, construction paper, magazines, newspaper, wrapping paper, etc. I have cut all of these into about 3 or 4 inch squares and thrown them into the box. Then when the kids get bored or really need something hands on I pull out this box, some scissors, glue and paper, poster board or some clear contact paper that I cut into large squares. The kids can then cut the paper and glue it onto paper or a poster board to make a collage or they can cut it and stick it onto the contact paper. This will usually keep them occupied for at least 30 minutes and they always feel so proud of the picture they have created.

A really quick activity to easily pull together is paper plates and crayons or markers. I pull both of these out and my kids go crazy coloring them. Often they color 2-3 and it takes them at least 15-20 minutes, then when they are done we usually tie a piece of string or yarn from one side to the other to create a hat for them or we just pin it up on are cork board.

Fun and Messy Crafts to do at Home

Kids love to be messy and anything that is messy so when I’m in the mood and willing to do a bit of cleanup I will often choose a pretty messy craft for the kids to do. Painting is also a quick go to that doesn’t require much set up, but the kids frequently tire of doing this so here are a few more suggestions.

My kids love to make their own paper beads and it’s really not to difficult to do. First I cut newspaper into about 2-3 inch stripes and then shred it; cutting it into strips makes it so there aren’t any really long pieces for the kids to deal with. Then I use plastic containers like ketchup bottles and fill it with water and flour until it creates a semi thick consistency, this is your paste. Next the kiddos get a mixing bowl and a container of paste. They get to fill the bowl with newspaper and drench it with paste and mix it all up by hand. this is usually fun just to play with but once they are ready we start to shape balls on a cookie sheet or fill mini muffin tins with our concoction. Then I bake these at 350 for about 20-30 minutes, let them cool and give them back to the kids with markers or paint. Once the beads are colored they string them onto yarn and create a beautiful necklace.

More Fun Crafts For Kids to do at Home but Outside

So it is definitely summer and when the weather is this good I like to get my kids outside as much as possible. So we spend a lot of time swimming, swinging, and just running in the backyard but every now and then I bring out some type of fun art project for them to do.

The kids number one favorite activity outside is when I grab paint brushes, the big 2-3′ ones, and a bucket of water. Then I let them ‘paint’ or driveway. My kids will draw the family, flowers, tress or sometimes they just like to cover the driveway with water.

My kids don’t really like to do chalk on the sidewalk, unless I soak it in water first. So I take 5-10 pieces of chalk and put it in a small bucket filled with water for about 15 minutes. This creates a really deep color that the kids love. This will use up your chalk a lot faster though.