Fun Easter Party for Kids

As a parent from a primary school girl, I have to engage in her many activities like the Easter party next week. We will have at least two Easter parties in her school and our church. I think the Easter party is getting more and more creative nowadays.
The kids will still have the Easter egg hunt, Easter egg decorations, and creating Easter baskets, but they will also have many additional activities.


1. Easter Carnival in Church

Our church will celebrate Easter differently this year, specially for the Sunday School children. They will hold many competitions for the kids, such as :
a. Singing competition, the children age 5 to 12 years old (solo or group). They will sing a certain Sunday school song. I’m not sure what the prizes are but I think the winner will be recording for the Children church album.
b. Dance competition
c. Drawing and coloring competition, for kindergarten kids.
d. Clay modelling competition. I think they will enjoy making Easter bunny, carrots, etc with those colorful clays.
e. Fashion show competition.

The other kids who are not follow the competition will be busy with egg hunts, egg decorations and enjoy the candies.

There will be a free parenting seminar too for us, so we won’t be too tired with the kids activities. At least we can sit in a comfortable room and learn about something new 🙂

2. School Easter Celebration

Easter celebration in school is more exciting this time. The children will decorate their class and will get a service in their school’s chapel. My daughter has an ‘Angklung’ (traditional Indonesian bamboo instrument) performance with her friends.

There is also an additional activity for my daughter’s cooking class. They will be visiting a local chocolate factory and learn to make Easter chocolate eggs there. They can take home the result too. Maybe I should give her extra money to buy more chocolates for me, yum!

What I love the most is, the children can learn and appreciate of Jesus sacrifice on the cross for us. They understand the reason and why Jesus did that. They know that Jesus loves them, so they’re always celebrate Easter or Passover with happiness.
I hope you can have a great Easter day. Happy Easter! Happy Passover!

Image credit : Pixabay free image