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Fun Educational Thanksgiving Activities

Examples of Fun Educational Thanksgiving Activities You Can Do

Not because Thanksgiving is a declared national holiday you can’t include any fun educational Thanksgiving activities in your school itinerary. Kids may be drifting their minds to the upcoming event. Wondering what the parade would look like or what mouth-watering dishes they would eat. But, it is still time to learn unless it’s Thanksgiving Day itself. If you want to be the coolest teacher in your school, you may want to entice your class with Thanksgiving related learning activities.

History subject

Thanksgiving is a historic event. Hence, if you’re a history teacher you will be obliged to discuss this topic. History can be boring sometimes. If you want to entice your students to learn American history, you have to make it exciting. One example of fun educational Thanksgiving activities you can do is role playing. They can even wear costumes to make it more authentic. Believe it or not, but kids can easily learn when they are part of the teaching process. Instead of letting them watch a documentary film, you can let them act their way to learning America’s remarkable history.

English subjects

English is all about unleashing one’s creativity using words. One funThanksgiving activity you can let your students do is to create a Thanksgiving story. To make it more contemporary, you can let them write their very own Thanksgiving experiences. Once it’s done, they can read it in class. Kids love stories whether it’s factual or make believed. If you’re students are having a hard time writing one, you can write your own version. They can use your story as an example in creating their own. Just tell them that it doesn’t really have to be factual. If they prefer comedy as a genre, they can write about Thanksgiving bloopers which are basically very common during family gatherings such as Thanksgiving.

Maths subject

Maths can be a confusing and complicated subject but it doesn’t have to be one this Thanksgiving. You can actually make a fun activity out of numbers. As part of the examples of fun educational Thanksgiving activities, you can group your students. Let them come up with a restaurant menu. Along with it, they need to price it reasonably depending on their expenses but they should have some profit. They can research about today’s prices of commodities, meal prices. The exciting part is they have to market it within the class. They must come-up with a cool advertisement of tagline regarding their menu. Entrepreneurship is the basic objective in this activity. It is fun, has numbers and very realistic.

Homeroom subject

Homeroom classes can be fun all year round. But, this Thanksgiving, you can let your students do something refreshing. You can teach them how to cook and carve a turkey. If you want to focus on arts and craft, you can let the weave a Thanksgiving centerpiece or décor. Any of these activities can be fun. But, if you want your kids to really have fun, you can organize a pre-Thanksgiving dinner where the whole class will prepare it with your supervision. You can cook the turkey yourself since cooking it would take some time. This is definitely among the fun educational Thanksgiving activities you can do.

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