Funky & Functional Wine Glasses

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Funky & Functional Wine Glasses, Seekyt

Functionality, Style and Elegance

Wine glasses are important pieces in any vino or host’s glassware collection. These pieces are funky & functional and sure to have all your guests talking.

Funky & Functional Wine Glasses, Seekyt

Tipsy Goblets

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These wine goblets are as tipsy as you are (going to be). Sure to perplex those who’ve had a couple glasses already and be a conversation starter among the others. Glasses sold in sets of two, each holding 12 fl. Oz. In need of a hostess gift? This might be your solution.

Funky & Functional Wine Glasses, SeekytSwirly Tail Wine Glass

This funky but functional wine glass is a conversation piece that will have all your guests talking. Composed of dual-walled clear Borosilicate glass, the wine stays at optimal temperature longer. This modern and sleek wine glass is dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe.

Funky & Functional Wine Glasses, SeekytUltimate Wine Bottle Glass

Finally! A glass that fits your needs! This “glass” is almost 1’ tall and holds an entire 750 mL bottle of wine. Not only will you have to make less frequent refill trips, but you’ll be in control of an entire bottle! This makes for a terrific gag gift… or just an everyday utensil.

Funky & Functional Wine Glasses, SeekytWinestein Double-Glass Wine Mug

The delicious flavors of wine paired with the easygoing mug of a beer drinker’s hand—what could be more elegant? Another great conversation piece that will bring humor into the room as soon as it enters. On the outside, it’s a beer mug—the wine glass is quietly embedded.

Funky & Functional Wine Glasses, SeekytRedneck Wine Glass

Complete with a Ball mason jar and twist on cover nothing juxtaposes the deep south with wine quite like this. This graceful looking glassware stem paired with the mason jar brings just the right amount of elegance and class. In addition to adding to the funky design, the cover is functional as a barrier between bugs, dirt and your wine.

Funky & Functional Wine Glasses, Seekyt

‘How Was Your Day?’ Wine Glass

Even if you don’t want to talk about it, this glass does the talking for you. Perfect for after a rough day at the office when all you want to do is kick back and relax with some fine wine. Labeled, “Don’t Even Ask”, “Hard Day” or “Easy Day”, it will make you feel better about it just to make your point by filling the glass to the appropriate line.

Funky & Functional Wine Glasses, SeekytVine2Go Insulated Wine Glass

Vine2Go is a great addition to any vino’s glass & goblet collection. Great for enjoying your wine outside in the heat of summer or in the shimmering light of a fall bonfire. The lid is a drink-through merlot red, and the dual-walled insulation to keep your wine nice and cool. Free from bugs & dirt, and cooler longer—this will make outdoor wine drinking more enjoyable.

Funky & Functional Wine Glasses, Seekyt

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Funky & Functional Wine Glasses, Seekyt
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