Funniest Sitcoms At The Moment

Sitcoms are generally the most popular and most viewed genre on television . It has been years since one can honestly point out, one truly funny comedy show, let alone five. With occasional exceptions like The Office, Arrested Development and Scrubs – the post Seinfeld , Friends era was dotted with a litany of multi-camera mediocre shows that evoked more pity than laughter.
This genre got a new lease of life with the introduction of 30 Rock and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Suddenly multi-camera comedies with their mindless canned laughter stated getting replaced by smarter , intelligent single camera formats- and TV became funny again.
So without furrther ado, here are the funniest sitcoms currently on TV

The story revolves around a smarmy lawyer , whose license got scuppered as his education was deemed void by the bar. Consequently he was forced to attend a community college which sported an extremely eclectic staff and student body. Community to me is one of the most intelligent and sophisticated comedies to have ever graced our television. Sporting a brilliant and diversified ensemble, Community turns the entire concept of comedy on its head by its metafictional premise. The characters are refreshingly complex and each and every episode of Community will surprise you in ways you won’t expect from a typical comedy show. Whether it is Jeff’s bloated ego, Abed and Troy’s brilliant on sceen bromance, Abed’s quirky metahumor or Pierce’s bigoted, irascible nature – you are guaranteed to fall in love with all the characters , no matter how despicable they may seem sometimes. It is indeed a great shame , that this wonderful, though provoking series is really under the cosh because of lackluster ratings. Then again intelligent shows like tend to get sidelined by mainstream media and the general public, who prefer their comedy to be less complex and more juvenile.

Parks And Receation
The show is centered around the absurd antics of public officials of an Indian town, headed by Amy Pohler , as they pusue outlandish projects to make their city a bette place. Even though obvious similarities with The Office cannot be ignored, Parks And Receation in itself is a brilliant and often hilarious comedy show. Amy Pohler absolutely nails the goofy charm of Leslie Knope. She is moe than ably supported by the likes of Rashida Jones and the irrepressible Aziz Ansari. The writing of this show is breathtakingly original and even though the documentary type filmimg may initially give some weird vibes , but if you stick with it, this sidesplitting., uproarious comedy will eventually win you over.

The Big Bang Theory –
The only multi-camera comedy that is worth viewing at the moment. The Big Bang Theory showed how being a geek, can even be cool and how esoteric scientific theories can betossed around as punchlines for jokes. Even though you may be turned off by the irritating audience laughter, brace yourself to be swept away by the wit and sarcasm filled misadventures of a group of socially awkward physicists and their incredibly hot next door neighbor Penny, played by Kelly Cuoco.

The Office –
Hands down, the funniest sitcom to grace our television for a long time. Even though Steve Carrel’s departure has indeed created a dent in the script’s vivacity and audaciousness, it is still way better than the dross you regularly come across. Plus the first six seasons, which had Steve Carrel , are pure gold and must not be missed by television buff. The Office, as we all know was inspired by a similar BBC series, which featured the hilarious Ricky Gervais as the main lead. Even though comparisons are not fair, to me the US version is far superior, because of the sheer brilliance of its supporting cast. For the uninitiated , The Office is a mockumentary based on the crazy exploits of a group of office workers in a paper manufacturing company, whose typical workday consisted of frequent ego clashes, inappropriate behavior and tedium.