Funny Employee Recognition Ideas

If you are a boss who is fun and fun-loving and you want to show your workers that you appreciate them but you still want to have a good time then you might want to try some of the funny employee recognition ideas listed below. Keeping the mood light in a work environment, keeping everyone laughing and smiling, is a great way to boost morale and happy employees do tend to make more productive employees. Furthermore, employees that know how much they are appreciated tend to be more loyal to their employer and work harder because they are sure it means something to the company and their boss. For some fun on the next employee appreciation day try some of these great ideas:

Funny Award Certificates

These can be downloaded online and printed right in the office. Silly awards like “The Reddest Sweater” or “The Best at Burning Microwave Popcorn” can make everyone laugh and will not hurt anyone’s feelings in the process. Remember to keep these funny and light hearted, hurt feelings can cause serious problems in the work environment. For instance, if an employee is often late because of a sick child giving him or her an award for tardiness would not be funny and might be hurtful. Funny certificates can be made up right in the office and printed or templates for 100s of them can be found on the internet and downloaded for use whenever an award is needed.

Employee of the Month

Consider doing an employee of the month award that is rather silly. Perhaps a crazy hat is worn and the employee’s picture is taken and posted for the month, or maybe his chair is decorated to look like a throne. Consider a colorful certificate or even a lunch time mini-roast, where jokes that are funny but not unkind are told about the employee as a way of honoring him or her. Perhaps the employee of the month gets to wear a crown or have some other funny prop until it is the next person’s turn to get the award.

Fun and Games

Gag gifts are another way to lighten the mood. Staplers that look like sushi or a candy bar, a tape dispenser that is covered with neon colored fur, or pens that have silly sayings or funny pictures on them make great gifts for employees that have done a good job. Also consider having a luncheon of a coffee break and having a gag cake or some fortune cookies that have silly sayings in them and then have everyone read them out loud. Consider candy bars or other treats with custom printed wrappers that say something funny or have a cartoon printed on them that gives everyone a good laugh. Rewarding one’s employees need not happen all the time, but once in a while a bit of good humor. A few laughs, and some fun will most assuredly make the work environment more pleasant for everyone and in turn will create a more productive workforce.