Funny End of Year School Awards

Funny End of Year School Awards

Awards That Promote an Engaged, Fun Learning Environment

The end of the year in a school is a period characterized with a lot of excitement especially to the students who often feel that they are tired because of the ever increasing school work. This is the time the learners need to distress up and the best way of doing it is organizing for funny end of year school awards that can be given out to the students to honor those who have excelled in different areas. The areas to be considered for the funny end of year school awards must vary and should accommodate all the learners, their needs and interest. The awards considered for a particular year must be related to the various activities that took place in that year.

Among the things that should be considered when giving out the funny end of year school award are kindness, good judgment as well as discretion. Among the categories that can be considered for the awards includes the loudest voice around the school. This can be based on the ability of the student to entertain the rest and by extension making a center of attraction. Ask yourself if the student is liked by the rest by virtue of the fact that he or she is the loudest around or whether he/she is disliked. The fact that his/her behavior may make some students unhappy should not be used to discriminate the students from winning the funny end of year school awards award.

The other funny end of year school awards that may sound funny and thrilling to the students is honouring those students who carry most of the material and books to school daily. This honor is funny but it recognizes the hardworking students in the school. If by chance, the honored student performs better than the rest in class can be quite motivating to the rest. Honoring students who also engage in mischief by bestowing to them the bling bling funny end of year school awards, which can be thrilling to the students especially if they are adolescents this can be used by the teachers to change the behavior of some of the students. The bling bling king will definitely be considered by the friends as a hero and will definitely be imitated by most of the students. If he or she possesses positive attributes it is most likely that other students may pick those attribute that are most likely to better their lives.

In most schools, neatness awards are common and they often make funny end of year school awards sessions a success especially when the neatest student is awarded and the least neat one told to improve. In this regard, the teacher can consider how polished the shoes of the student in question are, whether the student irons his clothes regularly and of course the general neatness of the student. After this award, teachers should also have an award for the most polite student in the school award. This award should be bagged by the student who is not only polite but one that uses this attribute to solve other studentsÂ’ problems.