Funny Pictures, Cats

Simon Tofield, Deborah Julian and James Dean (not that James Dean) create my favorite funny pictures, cats and the people who love them. Their humor comes from understanding cats and being awed by the things they do, funny from just being cats.

Best Funny Cat Pics

The best cat artists who make you laugh put amusing cats and art together in a believable style. James Dean, creator of Pete the Cat, and Deborah Julian, the cat artist who dreamed up Famous Artists’ Cats, understand and appreciate art and cats about equally.

Both are adept at picturing cats within art and making it naturally funny.

Britisher Simon Tofield is a gifted animator who also loves cats. His Simon’s Cat series of videos are popular on YouTube as well as his home page.

All three cat artists understand what it is about cats that makes us laugh, especially to those of us crazy about our cats. We appreciate, not just our cats oddities, but their natural ingenuity in exploring and making their worlds places of adventure.

A special note. James Dean, Deborah Julian and Simon Tofield have something extremely important in common. Each started their cat work with their own adopted strays, and all three support shelter cats and shelter cat adoptions.

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Now, let’s take a look at what these artists have been doing with their own shelter cats.

Funny Picture, Cats by Deborah Julian

Deborah Julian is a fine art photographer with degrees in both photography and art history. More important in everyday life, she has cats and considers them part of her family. George, Billy and Sam are her most frequently used models.

Her start in creating funny cat pics began with a recurring irritation most cat lovers will recognize. In her workshop, she assembles art prints, greeting cards, magnets and other handmade goods. The trouble is, her cats insist on “helping.”

Helping consists of jumping up on her work table while she tries to measure and cut perfectly for matted prints for shipping and, an old cat favorite, taking a seat on whatever she has her attention on. Or flopping down luxuriously on it.

Sometimes, their crafty efforts are supplemented by plaintive cries for attention. Guilt-inducing hunches are implemented when all else fails.

Frustrated, one day, she wondered aloud, “What would it be like if Matisse or Picasso had these cats?”Van Gogh's Bedroom Cat Art Print

Famous Artists’ Cats was born.

In Famous Artists’ Cats, Deborah Julian imagined her cats having inserted themselves in the work of the artists she loves. Her first, Ballet Class Visitor, had her friend Punky idling in a Degas pastel.

Among her most popular are Van Gogh’s Bedroom (With The Artist’s Cats Added), maybe her funniest cat pic, and a takeoff on Pierre Bonnard’s Bathers in which a third bather, her cat George, joins two others in an impressionist bathroom.

In the updated Van Gogh, all three of her cats get in on the act. Van Gogh returns to his small quarters in Arles to find that every available place of rest, chairs and bed, are occupied by either George, Billy or Sam. This may explain a good deal of what made him crazy: never enough comfortable sleep. Undoubtedly, after he did fall asleep, he was awakened early to fetch milk and fish scraps.

Simon Tofield And His Funny Cat Videos

What makes Simon Tofield’s funny cat pics so amazing is how deftly he captures his own adopted cats’ manipulative efforts to get what they want. An adopter of stray cats since the age of nine, he seems uncannily aware of what motivates a cat and makes their cleverness so funny.

Starting with Cat Man Do, the first of Simon’s Cat videos, the animations take what Simon Tofield has learned from his cats behaviors and exaggerates them. In a recent interview in Cat Fancy, he explains that his cats don’t really destroy his home, furniture and all. They don’t have to go that far to get what they want.

Simon Tofield has seen his early success with funny cat videos expand into books and a comic strip. His popularity, since it really is about cats, not just slapstick scenes with cats in them, is gratifying for cat lovers who appreciate the specialness of felines.

And one thing more: Simon is devoted to cat rescues and contributes efforts and cash to his local shelter. His appreciation for his collaborators is practical and sincere.

The Other James Dean (The One Who Creates Funny Cat Pics)

James Dean celebrates the foibles and adventures of just one cat, his adopted black cat, Pete. Because he thought black cats were bad luck, he began by painting Pete blue. Fortunately, this takes nothing away from the fun and appreciation of cats.

Pete The Cat was initially a lucky find for us. Walking around one of our favorite cities in the world, we discovered Robin’s Gallery at 713 Royal Street in New Orleans’ French Quarter. Inside was a store full of paintings, prints and t-shirts, all of it the work of James Dean and his collaborator, Pete The Cat.

That day, we bought a print at Robin’s. The only hard part was deciding which one. James Dean is so fully aware of what it means to be a cat that numerous pictures brought out “Oh, yeah!” exclamations.

We finally settled on a small triptych. On the right panel, a cup of coffee is waiting on a small table. In the middle there’s simply an explosive “Crash!” and on the left, the same table is fully occupied by a happily napping Pete. The coffee cup has disappeared.

In other memorable cat prints, Pete drives a Volkswagen Love Bus, looking very capable, surfs a wave, and in a creation of whimsy, Pete occupies the top of a guitar being played by that well-know rocker, Abraham Lincoln.

Wrapping Up Funny Pictures, Cats

Everyone has their own taste for what makes them laugh of smile. These examples of funny cat pics, created by James Dean, Simon Tofield and Deborah Julian, are mine for their accurate appreciation of cats and for their sheer originality. What is it with cats and water, for example? Please leave a comment about your own favorites and what you think about my choices. Thanks!

David Stone, Writer