Gaining friendship through Cooking

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Every day we cook our foods. Bakers bake the cake and breads in the oven. Mothers cook foods at home and chiefs cook foodstuffs in the restaurant according to the different recipes in the menu list. There is a must to cook the raw foods before we eat. We cook rice instead of eating rice grains, we cook beefsteak instead of eating raw beef and other raw foods which requires to be cooked before it can be eaten. It is just a proof that cooking is important in our lives.

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When cooking the foods, you must do good preparations and be very careful in order to have the best result. Your behavior and attitude also affects the outcome of the food you cook so you must enjoy and be enthusiastic while you are cooking. Think that you are going to offer the food to the VIPs so it must taste good and delicious. Simply enjoy what you are doing. Others used to sing and dance while cooking. Above all, cooking must be done with your willingness and compassionate heart. This is the secret of best chief – cooking with a heart on it!

When one day, you happen to meet a new friend, invite her for dinner. Give her the assurance that you intend to build friendship and when she accepted the invitation. Then, it’s a perfect idea for this is the best time to make your passion in cooking become an effective tool to express your sincerity in friendship and a good chance to accommodate your guest. The best moment too to apply your newly acquired knowledge in cooking which you’ve learned from the culinary arts you are attending lately. Take it easy and get yourself ready. Go to your kitchen and check the necessary things to be prepared when you arrive home.

Remember that there are preliminary activities when you are cooking at home or anywhere else. First prepare yourself for cooking. You need to put on the hairnet to your hair to avoid hair fall in the food you are cooking and for sanitation purpose. Wear your apron and wash your hands before you start handling the foods and needed utensils. Organize all the things you will be needed in cooking especially the ingredients such as oil, onions, garlic, salt, sodium glutamate and utensils like knives, chopping/slicing board, trays, sifter and wooden spoons. Read the recipe very well and understand the content of it. If you master the content of the recipe book, then proceed to the cleaning method of meat and vegetables and any other ingredients need to wash. Always keep your hands clean all throughout the cleaning process. You must be very cautious when cooking. Be careful with the heat to touch your skin. Make yourself aware of the hot areas. Always use a holder when touching the hot surfaces or getting the pot on the fire. Maintain the cleanliness of the area before and after the cooking process. Clean the table and throw all your garbage in a trash container. Clean all the utensils that you use for cooking.

Set the food in the dining room when you confirmed that any moment she will arrive in your place. Observe the timing and when she arrived on time. Greatly express to thank her as she accepted the invitation. Then, it’s a perfect time to invite her to eat for dinner. She will be glad of the punctuality you showed to her in the same manner be glad to praise her for being early too in your dinner. It will then be the beginning of the good foundation of your friendship.

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Gaining friendship through Cooking, Seekyt
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