Galaxy Note 6 The Phablet forthe Future

Following the trend of technology has been a new fashion in the present world and this phenomenon is widely accepted all over. The coming up of new technology in the recent devices and smart phones has been a culture to be followed and is followed everywhere. In this section, it is quite obvious that there will be competition and a lot of competing members in it. When it comes to the competition, it is on the basis of what new and better features one has in its model of smart phones and when it comes to the competitors, it is the brands that are in the league or the race. In this competition, history is evident that there are many consistent names and one of the prime names among them is Samsung. It has always come up with new technologies in its gadgets and thus has stood by the promises given to the audiences.

Phablet devices- Samsung wins it all when it comes to the features of its phones and gadgets. It makes the phones with a lot of brain storming and effort and thus succeeds in producing flawless smart phones. After the concept of smart phones and tablets, Samsung is back with the concept of phablets and this time it has the all new Galaxy Note 6 in this issue that will be launched in August 2016. On one side the Galaxy Note 6 is a smart phone because of the availability of calling facility in it that would indicate the presence of the sim card slot and on the other side it is a tablet because of its size and functions that it is capable of performing.


Charge and battery backup features- The feature of this being a tablet and a smart phone makes it a smarter device that can be used to perform many functions at a time. Unlike a smart phone it is not likely to face the problem of charge getting drained out and the device being charge less when on discharging. It has a battery backup that can hold up charge 40% more than the normal smart phones. This would actually be an advantage to the phablet users. Today the phenomenon of getting a smart phone discharged to the level of zero charge is quiet common but in case of Galaxy Note 6, it might not be an issue.

The Galaxy Note 6 has an additional feature of power charging that would get a lot of charge in the phablet in a less time. The charger provided by the company has the special feature of power charging it and in this busy world, where time is money; people will actually save time and money by having the phablets charged in less time. Wireless charging will be an additional added feature Galaxy Note 6 which means that the phablet need not be kept in an order when charging but just placing it on the charger would do the needful. With such features one can have a very convenient and simple use of this beautiful thing but one has to wait for its launch that is to be done in the month of August 2016.