Galaxy S7: innovative features

With the Samsung fan boys celebrating the success of Galaxy note 5 and Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7 is bound to be a major addition to the scintillating galaxy series. Nothing could be closer to the truth that Samsung has really tried hard this time to encompass and implement a lot of futuristic and accommodation technologies in its flagship product so as to make it a complete masterpiece.

The specifications of Samsung Galaxy S7 have been doing the rounds, and to be completely forthright, it sounds like the best peppy android production the block both in terms of looks and as well as capabilities. However, not to lose track of the main issue at hand, in this article we make an endeavor to enroll all the cool new elements and their ease of use with the goal that you have a diced-down, lessened to-minimum necessities form of the item before shelling out a colossal entirety of your well-deserved cash. And here are some very innovative and futuristic features that Samsung has succeeded in putting together neatly in galaxy S7:

Support for 4G:

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 provides ample support for band 40 i.e. 4G network too. This not only enhances the device’s feature set but also helps in improving the network connectivity speed in the device. Although a lot of countries are yet to switch to the 4G network, the fact that the galaxy S7 supports it is definitely a futurist move by its manufacturer. 


5G availability

Despite the fact that it is somewhat a long shot, as 5G system anticipates to appear for most telecom clients, yet Samsung has not moved to offer backing for 5G systems that have a reasonable possibility of entering the business sector in not so distant future. With Samsung Galaxy S7, at any rate you are all propped up!

AMOLED 4K display

To be very honest, the captivating 4K, 5.7” display is the single most winning edge for the galaxy S7to gather the attention of android enthusiast. The fact that the device not only succeeded in putting together a brilliant but power consuming display but has also managed to perform without being terrible when it comes to battery consumption is also commendable.


Even though the fact that this progressive piece of technology has been used in a lot of other devices by contending brands, this time Samsung has improvised it and implemented it in the Galaxy S7. This can prove to be a winning edge over other competing products that haven’t yet implemented in their respective devices.

Memory management system

Besides all the hardware up gradation when compared to the predecessors of the device, one thing that plays out under the hood and makes the galaxy S7 even more appealing is the new memory management technique that takes the multi tasking feature to a new level. It comes with a 4GB RAM and the good part is, Samsung still has not given up when it comes to addressing memory management issues when aggressively.