Galaxy Tab 10.1N Review and specification

Apple goes against Samsung before, probably his most important suppliers, whose main customer is Apple. With lawsuits and injunctions Apple tries to ban the Korean group in several countries, the sale of his flat computer Galaxy Tab 10.1. Time it is argued with patent infringement, even so, the device would look similar to the iPad 2. Now Samsung has countered with the modified Galaxy Tab 10.1N – and Apple fires back again: Before the Landgericht Düsseldorf, Apple has requested an injunction, which will also prohibit the sale of the modified Galaxy Tab 10.1N. A hearing on the request is for 22 Scheduled in December.

Apple and Samsung are, according to ‘Korea Times’ over the world in at least 23 procedures. In Germany, the dispute has caused a stir when Apple was able to prevail before the Regional Court in Düsseldorf against Samsung and obtain an injunction. Which prohibits the Koreans, the market for Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe . The court justified this with a ‘matching overall impression’ between Apple and Samsung products.

Although Samsung put an appeal against the verdict wanted to be the lucrative Christmas shopping season – Tablets are all the rage this year – but do not spoil obviously longer. Now Samsung is in Germany to be Galaxy Tab in a special version: The model 10.1N differs a Samsung spokesman said the frame shape and position of the built-in speaker of the internationally-selling version – these features are the subject of simmering since April lawsuit against Apple .

In test

This model 10.1N SPIEGEL ONLINE has now tried ( see photo gallery ). In direct comparison with the original Galaxy Tab 10.1, as for example on the Google developer conference Google I was / O distributed, it is striking: It can be seen just the two changes, the Samsung emphasizes as crucial to his unit from iPad 2 stand out – but nothing more.

The aluminum frame has been moved sideways a few millimeters to the front – and with it the first side-mounted speakers. The whole thing looks like a flat fish, whose eyes wandered over the course of evolution are on the same page – that Galaxy looks a lot better than a fluke.

Many similarities, some innovations

Under the modified minimal outer shell has nothing to do about it. A 1-GHz dual-core processor pushes the tablet in such a way that there is at least in the test never came to dropouts or stuttering. It is likely that it is the same Tegra 2 chipset acts as the model 10.1, even though Samsung says it nothing.

The screen corresponds with 1280 x 800 pixels on the 10.1-inch diagonal, the first model. The working memory is well stocked with 1 GB. The mass memory you have the choice between 16, 32 and 64 gigabytes. You can choose between a wireless version, and a model with additional 3G module. Contact with PC or charger – via an optional adapter – TV makes the Samsung tablet with a dock connector, the connector of the dock looks like iPads.

For the details but then it has some new features added, so that we can speak of an update: The mobile phone module can now transfer data at up to 21 Mbit / s received – if you can find a network that creates this speed. But above all, on the 10.1.N the Android installed version 3.2, which contains several improvements over the previous version installed on the 3.01.

Expensive online music store

In addition, Samsung has its own apps preinstalled: Social Hub For example, in the one-minute news from Twitter , Facebook , bundled LinkedIn and e-mail accounts can be closed to them. This works extremely well in the app and clear. The widget displays the other hand, because of his great writing, very few messages.

The Samsung Readers Hub combines various online services for newspapers, magazines and books together. In addition, the Music Hub is installed, one designed in cooperation with 7Digital online music store. Whose bid is characterized by the fact that current titles are € 1.49 more expensive than the iTunes Store or Amazon . The same is true for some of the albums.

Apple reports of resistance

In everyday life makes the Galaxy Tab 10.1N fun, no question. It is easy, the rounded edges are comfortable, you will be happy with it when you travel. Especially the version with 3G module that allows users to surf in the subway without waiting times. The screen comes up with higher resolution and crisp contrasts, but shines too much. Still, YouTube videos you want to look only in HD.


Remains to be seen how it adapted for Germany with the Galaxy Tab goes on. Less than a week after the start of sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N announced, Apple brought out already for the recent backlash. Also against the new model, Apple has a restraining order at the Düsseldorf Regional Court requested that a court spokesman said on Wednesday. It is on 22 Negotiated in December. Until then, Samsung offer the modified model undisturbed Christmas shoppers.


Whether to accept the offer, is another question. Because Samsung’s pricing is very idiosyncratic. While with the Wi-Fi variants each with 80 € extra charge for the variants with twice the memory are due, the cost to upgrade from 16 to 32 GB when the 3G version 130 €. The price difference between 32 and 64 GB is however only 50 €.

The decisive factor should be at the end, however, that only the largest model, with Wi-Fi and 3G 64-GB memory, priced to compete with the iPad second It costs € 799, exactly as much as the equivalent Apple Tablet. All other variants of the Galaxy Tab are against up to 60 € more expensive than comparable regarding storage and network connectivity iPad 2 models. Given these differences, it would be difficult for sellers to find arguments in favor of mandatory for the Galaxy Tab.