Garden Gnomes for Football Fans

Fan of Football in Your Garden?

Garden gnomes are made for gardens, but if you or your favorite gardener is a football fan, perhaps you could use a little team support out in the garden. If you are looking for just the right gift for your football loving gardener, or something for yourself, consider a garden gnome fully dressed in team apparel. Now the garden can have the requisite gnome and root for the home team at the same time.

Now more than 150 years old, the gnomes that grace gardens all over the world are a popular outdoor decoration of choice. Gnomes are rumored to do everything from protect the Earth to oversee the garden or even cause a little mischief in the yard, but we don’t care as long as they are wearing our school colors.

imageNFL Football Gnomes

Lucky for serious NFL fans, there are NFL football gnomes suited up and ready to go. Available for any of the teams in the league, the team will have a little more support with the help of these little jersey-wearing creatures outdoors. You can bring them indoors for the game if you like.

Garden gnomes are made for the outdoors, so you don’t have to worry about them when the weather gets cold. They are are tough as your team’s starting offensive tackle. Whether it’s up north with the Packers and Bears or in the heat with the Dolphins or Cowboys, these NFL football gnomes will happily stay out in the garden.

College Football Gnomes

imageLet’s face it, some gardeners and gnomes just prefer the collegiate game. Because of this it is easy to find college football gnomes for many of the current college football teams. They are easy to find for all major conferences, like Big Ten gnomes or SEC gnomes. You could even stage a rivalry scene in the garden with a classic battle of Ohio State vs. Michigan gnomes or Alabama vs. Auburn gnomes. Just don’t invite the wrong friends over for the game or the opposing gnome might go missing.

If you are a tailgater you may just bring your college football gnome along for the trip and enjoy the little mascot while you prep for kickoff.

About Garden Gnomes

These garden gnomes are just under 1 foot tall so they will stick out of your garden just enough to know they are there without taking over the landscape. That’s the way is should be. Like certain plants pretty in winter, these gnomes will look good even when the leaves have fallen. Officially licensed by the NFL or NCAA, these gnomes are hand painted but durable enough to take the outdoors. They also look great at the office, on the mantle, or on a bookcase if you prefer that they live indoors.

The Perfect Garden Gift For Football Fans

Now you have just the perfect gift idea for a gardening football fan. Surprise them with a garden gnome decked out in team colors, and don’t be afraid to tack on a special garden gnome just for you as well. Garden gnomes for football fans are sure to please.