Gardening Websites for Children

If you have a kids with a green thumb, check out these awesome gardening websites for children. They are all educational, include plenty of pictures, are geared towards kids, and they are fun! Teaching a child to garden is a great effort and worthy cause. These websites will supplement what you teach the youngsters and, who knows, you may learn something new as well. It doesn’t matter if you give your child experience in a container garden, a backyard garden bed, or even a community garden. Just get out there and teach them well so they can see how much fun raising crops really is.

My First Garden

The University of Illinois Extension office runs a website entitled My First Garden that is all about teaching kids how to grow a garden. The site teaches everything from planting to watering to harvest, with plenty of pictures and fun illustrations throughout. Kids can print out a plan, a garden journal, see a calendar to help them know when to plant, and even send in their own pictures of the harvest. Even the font is large and easy for young readers to understand.

Kids Gardening

The information at is great for those waning to learn more about teaching children how to be successful in the garden. There is lots of new and a bunch of articles on the topic and the site is fresh and fun. There is a section of the site dedicated to starting a school gardening program, another for family gardening, and even information about obtaining gardening grants or ways to raise funds for a garden project.

The Kids Garden

When you want a website that teaches kids to garden, The Kids Garden is another fine choice. Here you will find several articles, but for even more fun the site includes things like garden activities for kids, printable puzzles, and plenty of pictures. There is content to teach nearly everything, even anatomy of plants, how to attract wildlife, and all about planting.

Make Gardening Fun for Kids

Before you decide to jump right into gardening with children, consider taking a few steps to make it fun for them. Let a child get involved and be ‘in charge’ of a task or area. Let them plant seeds that they can handle like melon seeds or peas and beans. Give them a little corner and let them experiment with something they want t plant.

To make a child feel like a real gardener, pick up a pair of garden gloves for kids or even get them their own kneeling pad to make pulling up the weeds a little bit more fun.

Most of all, don’t be too overpowering. Let a child make mistakes and use everything as a teaching moment. Don’t worry about whether they space things just right, for example. It will be find. Just support their learning and you will see them get better each year until they have got it down.

Making Room for a Garden

If you think you don’t have room for a garden or that gardening work is too hard for kids, consider starting small. You can start gardening in something as small as a nice pot on the patio, and it will make the area contained and easy to care for. Another great option is to build a simple raised bed garden. Since the soil in a raised bed is always light and fluffy your child will never have to worry about tilling or turning the soil with a pitchfork.

You can’t beat real-life teaching to get a kid to learn about gardening, but these gardening websites for children will help you to get them on the right path.