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Garmin 800 Vs 810: Comparing the Edge 800 and Edge 810

Garmin Edge 800 or 810 – Which is Best for You?

The following comparison account — Garmin Edge 800 Vs 810 — will provide you with a brief account of each model & go on to quickly highlight the main differences between the two very popular touch screen Bike GPS computers from Garmin. In turn, you will get a clear idea as to what each device can offer you, how they differ (i.e the extra features that come with he Garmin 810) and from that which biking GPS device is best for you (with an appreciation of price).

Edge 800 Review

Technology & Interface

The Edge 800 is designed to be universal for all types of biking (touring, commuting, competitive), its 2.6′ touch screen (160 x 240 pixels) will read out all your needed diagnostics: location, speed, route track, ascent & descent etc. that securely attaches to your handlebar Moreover, it is compatible to heart rate monitors, velocity sensors and power meters (reading out in watts) that will provide you with a detailed analysis of every ride you take (recommended: Tanita BC-1000) — so you can trainer ‘smarter’.

Battery Performance, Aspects & Specifications

It is fitted with a rechargeable lit-ion battery that is capable of lasting on average 15 hours & has been manufactured to be tough (hence is solid in build & water proof — IPX7 standards). With regards to the map, you have a base-map already installed but you do have the ability to add maps as well with microSD cards etc. from which you can set up to 200 noted locations/way points & will track your last 180 hours of riding. It will also detail notifications and a whole host of other vital metrics (incl. temperature & time).

Operating Temp: – 20 degrees C to + 60 degrees C.

Additional Features

The Garmin Edge 800 also comes with a lot of cool extra features such as the Garmin Connect (where you can compare & contrast results with other riders online, so you cant try to beat their set courses), Virtual Partner (train against a digital rider), courses (go against your past self), pace-time-distance alerts & calorie computation (letting you know that you need to go harder if you’re dropping off from the pre-set pace), advanced goal-orientated workouts (with the inclusion of interval training) and additional auto pause, lap, scroll for easy navigation through the customized screen display from the 800. All this ‘at your finger tips’.

Dimensions: 5.1 x 9.3 x 2.5 cm | Weight: 98 g | Rating: 74% (source: amazon.com)

Edge 810 Review

Technology & Interface

The Edge 810 is essentially just anupgrade of the Edge 800, so a lot of the same features and aspects still exist only slight improvements. For instance, it is still fitted with a 2.6 inch touchscreen with the same resolution — however there are noticeable improvements in graphics (look more crisp), easier to read & larger fonts and improved navigation.

Battery Performance, Aspects & Specifications

The battery life has been improved by around 2 hours, so can now last for 17 hours — and has been slightly altered in design (more sturdy & still water resistant), but the three hard buttons still remain (power, lap, start/stop). Furthermore, the maps & memory settings are still the same, the amount of routes on offer is only limited by the memory space integrated.

Operating Temp: – 20 degrees C to + 55 degrees C.

Additional Features

It also comes with all the features as mentioned above with the Garmin 800. However, here is where the Edge 810 separates itself from the 800, it ‘gets seriously connected‘ — it comes with connected features via your iPhone (smartphones) & Garmin connect via the app. This means you can auto-sync the courses & all information to your phone, so you never have to remove the GPS from your bike to upload it to your computer or to download new courses. Moreover, the app enables to you ‘track, share, upload and review’ courses you have just under taken with social networks & also gain information and notifications on weather updates (forecasts & alters) and live tracking (so you friends & family know where you are on the course, speed & stats all in real time).

Dimensions: 5.1 x 9.3 x 2.5 cm | Weight: 98 g | Rating: 76% (source: amazon.com)

The Difference Between the Edge 800 and 810

In all, both are actually really fun yet practical devices, but the Edge 810 offers just that edge (excuse the pun) in practicality terms if you have a smartphone as all the data extracted from each ride etc. is auto-synced (wireless) rather than you having to actually physically remove the device (Edge 800) and plug it in via USB etc.

The battery life is also a little longer with the 810 as well as featuring a slightly different finish & is claimed to make it ‘even more’ durable (although can’t operate at quite as an extreme temperature level as the Edge 800, by 5 degrees C). Also, although a lot of the main features remain the same, the Edge 810 has ‘cleaned them up’ — with everything just being much more intuitive, easier to access and just comes across a bit sharper than the Edge 800.

Which GPS Should You Buy the 800 or 810?

With a price difference of $50, I would definitely go for the 810 — given the extra value (as described above) provided with it. This being said, if the Edge 800 is significantly cheaper (e.g. on amazon.com by about $100) — I would be rather tempted go for the Garmin 800. But which GPS device will you buy and why?

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison of the Garmin 800 Vs 810, please make them below (& if you’ve found this article useful please give it a like or share).

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