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Gather your dreams and hopes!

Gather your dreams and hopes!

The other day I was thinking of a cool Face book post. The type of post, that gets the

mind going.

The type of post, that gets people to pause and think, dang!

So here we go…

“If you were to think of all your dreams and hopes…

Gather them together and put them into a container…

But now, how would you describe that container?”

At first you think to yourself, “What is this fool saying? What is he trying to get at?”

Then second you start to wonder…

“Well, what are my dreams? What are my hopes? Have I ever reached them?”

These thoughts seem to send, each and every one of us, in that downward spiral of

doubt. Do we even have dreams and hopes anymore?

Or have they been squashed by reality?

We think of those moments in which we were young and energized… we think of those energetic pursuits as if we could take on the world.

Cure all the diseases of the world!

Solve all the problems of and all the while getting rich doing it…

Oh yeah, getting rich.

All of us had the goal of being rich!!!

But then there’s that moment when we forgot that the question is not directly but yet

could be about the dreams, goal and hopes themselves.

Once again we think… “What is he getting at??” Muttering to ourselves

Let’s look at it this way…

Tied down!

A large safe, is designed to be indestructible. But as it is strong and reinforced… it also



By no means is the person whom puts their dreams… or contains their dreams, goals

and hopes into that safe worried that those will be protected.

Its strength is its weakness…

This person is tied down, or even weighted down by their goals and dreams.

Wealth and riches, when compared are things that if only pursued could tie a person


There are many who go to school or purse the career… only since it pays well!!

They may not even care that they don’t like the field. But, they have tied their life down to

the pursuit of wealth.

And there is nothing that will get in their way.

But there is no flexibility for other things.


The center piece of a dining table could be a beautiful crystal glass container. The

container keeps the attention of all the group. It shines and gleams as the spectators

look and stare.

But the crystal container has not much purpose other than the attention of the onlookers.

Alone in the room, it neither improve on the contained items or can full protect them.

As mentioned, this container seems only be designed to bring attention to itself and not

serve any greater purposed.

Other than the rare time to entertain!

I’m no expert, but if a person’s goal are contained in this. They may not have have goals

and dreams of their own,

But dreams to satisfy the hopes of others.

Light and Flexible

Most all of us have been to school. We would get up in the morning and pack a

backpack. The pack would have any number of things that can sustain us like our lunch.

Supplies that help us to accomplish our daily tasks, and to do them well.

The pack itself is strong enough to carry what is needed and yet not hold or tie a person down.

If a person were to figuratively carry hopes, dreams and their life goals in such a pack…

that person could go anywhere.

But the point of the bag, is only to carry what is needed at that time.

As task and years go by a person bag may be packed different… but still just whats


My Perspective:

I make no claims to be some type of philosopher, psychiatrist or and degree approved


But I am and simple man with a thought and wanted to share it.


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