GBG: A Rising Company Created BY a Network Marketer FOR Network Marketers

I “Heart” Network Marketing

I first discovered network marketing back in the early 80s when a co-worker and good friend introduced me to Shaklee. Since that time, I’ve been hooked, and despite the fact that I haven’t made a whole lot of money at it, I believe this business model is the wave of the future.

One of the main reasons I keep at it is because I believe it is one vehicle that’s going to get us out of the economic mess this country is currently mired in. The trick (and it really isn’t a trick, just a smart thing to do) is to find a company that not only has a product or service you can get excited about, but that also has a pay plan that enables you to make money easily and quickly.

GBG: BY a Network Marketer FOR Network Marketers

I believe I’ve found such a company in GBG. Short for “Guided by God,” GBG was founded by veteran network marketer and Christian, Stuart Finger. Here’s a young man who, despite the fact that he was immensely successful in two network marketing companies, left them both because, while he was making a lot of money, very few of the people in his massive downlines were able to duplicate his success.

One reason he has cited for this is the fact that many network marketing companies create compensation or pay plans that are aimed at attracting the “heavy hitters” in the industry which makes a lot of money for those heavy hitters and the company, but not a lot for the average network marketer like you and me.

As a result, Stuart went to work to create a company with a powerful product, providing distributors with the “Sample Pack, a powerful tool to use in marketing it, and a pay plan that that enables the average person to make an excellent income. GBG’s vision is simple: To provide a global solution to today’s worldwide health crisis and financial meltdown.

The GBG Product: 10-in-One Chewable Vitamin/Mineral Supplement

The product is the incredible 10-in-One Chewable Vitamin/Mineral supplement. Why 10-in-One? Because there are 10 powerful nutritional formulas in each two-tablet serving. The ingredients in 10-in-One –

1. Provide essential vitamins and mineralsthe body needs on a daily basis

2. Improve cardiovascular function for a healthy heart

3. Reduce stress resulting from today’s hectic lifestyle

4. Are loaded with powerful antioxidants, including the age-defying nutrient, Resveretrol

5. Enhance the immune system to fight disease at the cellular level

6. Enhance memory and mood with “neuro-nutrients” that make us feel good

7. Promote increased energy naturally, without resorting to harsh stimulants

8. Aid digestion with pure Aloe Vera concentrate

9. Improve bone and joint health with sulfur-rich MSM

10. Support healthy vision with the powerful benefits of Lutein.

And at a low $39.97for a one-month supply (plus shipping and handling), you won’t be burdened with expensive autoship requirements that many network marketers have difficulty paying every month. Think about it, you’d be paying over $150 if you bought each of these formulas separately, so $39.97 is a real bargain for a hgh quality product like 10-In-One.

The GBG Pay Plan: Powerful 2 x 30 Forced Matrix

In addition to having a product that you are passionate about, you also need a pay plan that enables the average network marketer to make as much money as the industry’s heavy hitters if this is what they desire. GBG’s “copyrighted” 2 x 30 forced matrix makes it easy to accumulate cash quickly because of SPILLOVER.

Read the information and watch the video on this page to understand the full power of this “copyrighted” pay plan. And yes, I did say COPYRIGHTED. This means that no other network marketing company can use it to pay its distributors.

What Are You Waiting For

These are just a few of the reasons why I believe GBG is going to be the network marketing choice for years to come. To learn more, check out my website where you’ll find a wealth of information on the CEO Stuart Finger, the company, the product, and the pay plan.

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