Geiger Counters and Nuclear Monitors To Protect You Against Radiation Sickness

With recent nuclear disasters in mind, you can’t be too careful when it comes to ambiant radiation, radioactive fallout and the sickness and poisoning these powerful forces can induce in the human body. Here is an introduction to professional grade geiger counters and nuclear monitors that are portable, effective and accurate. You can use these high-tech devices to protect yourself and your family against the deadly effects of radiation poisoning and afford yourself some peace by knowing for certain whether or not your immediate environment is safe or not.

The PRM-8000 Portable Geiger Counter From Mazur Instruments

This powerful handheld nuclear radiation detector is capable of finding alpha, beta, gamma and X radiation in the immediate area. It is ideal for carrying on your person when you’re operating in areas that may have been tainted by radiation, because it is capable of measuring the timing and average dose rates that you are being exposed to.

It can produce alarms when your dosage rate hits a critical degree, necessitating a quick departure from the area.

It has a headphone jack so you can use it quietly and still receive accurate reports – this is also useful if you are working in a loud environment like an industrial construction site where ambient noise levels are high.

You can specify the levels that the radiation dosimeter’s alarm should trigger upon achieving.

For scientific surveys, this device logs its data internally in CSV format so you can take it back to the lab and extract the information for more detailed analysis and logging operations.

The average battery life for this radiation monitor is over 6 years and is achieved by a simple 9 volt battery. This particular geiger counter also supports Japanese character sets.

Keychain Nuclear Radiation Detector For Travel

This nuclear monitor takes portable to a whole new level. Capable of attaching to a set of keys that you’d otherwise carry anyway, this handy little advance radiation sickness warning system will chirp out alerts when it detects signifcant radiation.

When you approach an area that has significant radioactive fallout, this NUK-Alert keychain will begin chipring out warnings.

The lesser the interval between the alert chirps, the higher the level of ambient radiation in the area.

On the back of this portable dosimeter is a handy quick-reference table that lays out the time and exposure levels.

Depending on the strength of the radiation in your immediate area, you will need more or less time to achieve a harmful dosage level that could lead to radiation sickness or poisoning.

While it won’t give you a scientifically accurate readout, this device does work 24/7 to safeguard you and is best used as an early alert system in case of emergencies.

Digital Geiger Counter

This is another professional grade geiger counter and dosimeter that can help to protect you against radiation poisoning and sickness.

Capable of detecting alpha radiation above 3 MeV, Beta radiation above KeV, X-rays above Kev and Gamma radiation levels that exceed 7 KeV.

This dosimeter is manufactured by Images Scientific Instruments.

It comes bundled with special reporting software that is compatible with Windows based PC’s.

After taking radiation samples and environmental tests, you can interface with your PC to chart the radiation exposure data over time on reports that can be saved, exported, e-mailed and shared.

This powerful handheld radiation monitor has many different applications beyond scientific measurement and personal safety.

Emergency response teams can keep one of these dosimeters on hand to determine whether or not its safe to enter the scene of a disaster.