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How to Tell the Gender of Your Baby From Ultrasound Photos


There are many reasons that you would want to tell the gender of your baby before he or she is born. There are even means of planning the sex of your baby, in advance. However, once you’re pregnant, many want to determine the sex of their future child as soon as possible. With an ultrasound, there are many techniques for identifying the gender of your baby from ultrasound photos, including:

Tell the Gender of Your Baby from Ultrasound Photos by the Angle of the Dangle

Many moms and dads want to know the sex of their unborn baby as soon as possible. Waiting for that 20 week ultrasound can sometimes be unbearable. There is a theory to guess the sex of the baby from a profile shot of a baby in a 12 week ultrasound. This theory is sometimes referred to as “the angle of the dangle” or the “nub theory” because you will actually be looking at the angle of the baby’s genital tubercle. At 12 weeks, both male and female babies look similar.

You Can tell the Gender of Your Baby from a 12 Week Ultrasound

Many doctors offer a first trimester ultrasound around the 12 week mark to check on the baby. Ask your doctor about this scan to set up an appointment. It is important to get a very good side view shot of the baby like this:

If you look closely at the area below the legs, you will see a little nub. This is the genital tubercle. Baby boys and girls will both look like boys at this age because they both have the “dangle”.

Hopefully you will have a good ultrasound photo to use. If you have a nice ultrasound tech, you may be able to specifically ask for this picture.

Now we will look at the angle of the genital tubercle. The theory is that if the baby is a girl, the angle of her genital tubercle will be more parallel to her spine. If it is a boy, the dangle will angle more upwards. You can see in the next photo how the baby in this ultrasound has a genital tubercle that is more parallel with its spine instead of angling upwards.

How to Tell the Gender of Your Baby From Ultrasound Photos

This is my ultrasound photo from my 12 week ultrasound of my second pregnancy. When I first read about the “angle of the dangle” theory, I just knew I had to test it out. I was lucky to get this picture at the ultrasound and felt confident (based on the theory) that my baby was a girl. At my 20 week ultrasound I was told it was a girl. The baby girl verdict was confirmed the day she was born. She is most definitely a girl.

A Few Notes about How to Tell the Gender of Your Baby from Ultrasound Photos

Just like any of the old wives tales or at home gender tests to determine your baby’s sex during pregnancy, this is not 100% accurate. Consider this more like something fun to do during your pregnancy. It is supposed to be pretty accurate but I would definitely not have painted my nursery pink based on this photo alone.

What if you can’t get pregnant?

Many couples suffer through the heartbreak of infertility. Even if you are over 40, there are techniques for improving your chances of having a baby.

How to Tell the Gender of Your Baby From Ultrasound Photos
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