It is common in the field of new technologies innovations, new market niches, new services, etc., come from the hand of new words with which it is necessary to live if not to keep up in a rapidly changing world. Words like SEO, Community Manager, Social Networking, Apps or Cloud Computing, until recently did not tell us anything at all but are now increasingly embedded in our vocabulary because it is necessary to resort to them to discuss issues that concern us both the professional and personal relationships.

Begins to be common and the use of a new concept that comes to stay with a great potential for companies that can manage it correctly, we are talking of geomarketing, a new concept aimed at the realization of actions that can make a trade or business advantage Existing tools location to attract customers.
A study conducted in June 2012 by the company ComScore on growth in the percentage of use of smartphones in Europe, Spain ranks first with 55.2%, slightly above the UK 55% and above the European average which stands at 46.7%. The massive use of these “smart phones” is leading daily communication habits that make any time or lived experience is readily known by the closest circles.
This rapid spread of what is happening, that knowledge of the “here and now” can also be reported immediately by any user to many others, makes any bar, shop, restaurant, cafe, etc, be able to attract new geomarketing customers and loyalty, and I mean.
I’m Tapas Huelva, my city, my family or friends Where do I go?. Possibly go to the usual places because I know I will not have surprises in quality, service and price, but what if one day I get to see foursquare.com I find an exclusive offer for that particular day at a restaurant that I will not usually? If the offer convinces me I will surely visit this restaurant posed to test, and if I’m satisfied with what I say on Foursquare.com where all my friends know that I have been there and what is the deal that led me to that restaurant.


This type of websites that are supported on the geo location of users is beneficial for both performers:
• I can see deals that benefit from them.
• Making Checkins (ie being on the site) in trade if trade benefits me loyalty rewards.
• Growing my reputation in the portal by Badges (awards) achieved. Layer game that encourages use.
• Hip’m facing participatory my contacts. “Look where you are now.”

• I can launch offers to attract customers.
• The checkins promote the knowledge of my trade (free advertising).
• aided the spread and consequently the positioning of my website.

Although Google (Google Local) and Facebook (Facebook Places) are already trying to jump on the bandwagon, today the two sites that are ahead in terms of the use of geolocation of shops and users are foursquare.com and yelp.es. Foursquare now has 25 million users worldwide, a number that grows exponentially and Yelp, although Spain is not known if Foursquare is over in the U.S., so we must be attentive to the evolution of both.
Finally say that this kind of action is more than they can make businesses seeking to use geomarketing tools to attract customers. These actions must be part of a series of strategies to formulate a SLMP (Social Location Marketing Plan) where they should draw the correct foundations for customer acquisition and retention.
So now you know, if you have a business you should use Foursquare or Yelp to set your SLMP, as they are increasingly used sites by consumers, and businesses should be there if they want to be at a competitive disadvantage with other businesses that do.

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