George Jones – A Country Music Legend

A Country Music Legend Lives On

George Jones is one of the all time country music legends who’s songs and hard living have graced the worlds headlines for years. If you are a country music fan, this singer has intrigued the world of music with his heartbreaking songs about love and regret and also those good time, foot tapping winner’s like “Rocking Chair” that will forever be in our hearts.

On April 26, 2013 this hard working, hard living superstar went to be with the other greats of country music in country music heaven like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and so many more. He had such a distinct voice that no one else could every copy. Even other music genres loved to talk about how Jone’s voice was one of the greatest they ever heard. Waylon, who was just as famous and had his own distinct voice, said that if we all could sound like we wanted, we’d sound just like George.

His career lasted longer than most. For over fifty years the “Possum” as he was called, graced the honky tonks in the days when you went from one place to another and worked yourself up to the big show. He got his start that way and perhaps that was where he learned to party. Unfortunately, he had a problem with alcohol and drugs and that led to many fights that were publicized by the press. He led a wild life, but he worked hard and played hard and put out more albums and music in his lifetime than anyone could imagine.

He was a natural at singing slow ballads like “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes,” He was married to country legend Tammy Wynette for a few years and did some great recordings with her. The one that most people may remember is “We’re Gonna Hold On,”

The one song that the world will never forget is “He Stopped Loving Her Today”. It was a sad ballad about a man who loved a woman so intense that he takes his obsessive love for her to his grave, hence the title of the song. He even won a Grammy for the song, has been elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame and has been honored at the Kennedy Center.

His love for music spanned his career even after he hit retirement age. He said that if he quit performing he didn’t know what to do with himself. He loved music and he died loving his music and doing what he loved best. He was a stickler on the old school country. He talked about the young performers of today and said they were good, but they just didn’t sing the traditional music that he loved.

George Jones Biography

George was born in 1931 in East Texas and like others of his time, he was one of 8 brothers and sisters. Singing in church was a common thing back then and also performing in public. He would sing on the streets of his hometown and people would tip him. He lived with his family in the projects that were government owned. His Dad was a laborer and couldn’t afford much but he did buy George a Gene Autry guitar and he practiced faithfully on that.

Later down the road, he played on the radio, even backing Hank Williams on guitar at one point. Moving on from there, he started making records and even went into the service for a few years. Finally, in 1955 a song called “Why Baby Why” became a hit. He worked hard into the 1960’s when he certainly became a household name.

He was married a few times but his most famous of all was to singer Tammy Wynette. Their marriage was so public because of their celebrity and watching them on the news and hearing about them was probably as close to a real country music song as you could get.

If you can name it, George Jones has probably done it. Hard core drinking, fighting, cocaine and not showing up at his concerts was common during a period where they started calling him “No Show Jones”. This went on for many years and he battled his addictions most of his life. But that doesn’t change the fact that George Jones is one the most famous legends of Country Music forever.