Geranium at home

So you like flowers and want to get some geranium for your house. This is just like me. I have a lot of plants and almost all of these prefer the light side to be near the sun rays. After I’ve bouhgt it, this beautiful plant has became my new friend at once. It can bring me joy, helps to relax at any time, especcially when I need it. Another great thing is its great smell of leaves and even flowers.

It looks like an essential oil and acts very good to our mood, makes it better! This is what about leaves, I’ve heard about useful Geranium tea, but I’ve not tried it yet. Flowers are amazing and fine during blooming, its smell is similar like roses. Maybe I’ll prefer this class flower, not big or high but luxuriant bloom.

It is so easy to take care of this beauty, it needs no often watering or even minerals from shops. Anyway I have some minerals in glay, so I use it to make them have a great look. As I said, Geraniums are different between each other and everyone of us can choose from a big variety of plants. Other thing I like is that it is an easily propagated plant. Even seeds are almost in every flower, so I shall wait to make them grow soon. Before doing it you have to wait until they come to dry and solid black ones.

After my purchising it has also become one of my favorite home flowers. If you are fond of beautiful plants, smelling leaves and flowers, you will like it too. These plants are not the same and can be bigger, higher, other coloured flowers, so you should choose what you like and prefer, what are the reasons to buy, think about the conditions of detention. When you need to fight any stress, make your mood better, even just have some fun and pleasure, it is one of the best natural things to do it this way. Make new impressions, new colours, styles!