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Get 25% Off from Carson’s Now Through June 9, 2014 Monday Only!

Good Deals on Carson’s in Time for Father’s Day!

I chanced upon a good deal on Carson’s today and thought I should let you know about it. Selected items are going on sale up to 25% off for their Family and Friends event. Fragrances and cosmetics take 10% off. Their offer runs from today until Monday only, June 09, 2014. This should give you enough time to shop around for Father’s Day.

Here’s a promo code for starters: FRIFAM2014E.

Promo code is valid for online purchases only, read mechanics, here.

What I Bought On Carson’s for my Father’s Day

I got my dad a Skagen Denmark Men’s Saddle Leather Watch with Arabic Numbers which I thought was simple and elegant. I heard he is into selling now so I think this leather watch would be a great conversation piece. I love the design on the dials and numbers on top of that white plate. I also love that leather strap, giving it that elegant look. It should complement my father’s skin tone perfectly as he has a white complexion.

I know he will be surprised to receive this time piece. He never mentioned anything about wanting to have a new watch. I came to know about it in one of our conversations over the phone where he casually mentioned that his old watch got damaged when he accidentally slammed it on the iron gate while walking his dog from the park.

Another item I got for him is his favorite Paco Rabanne fragrance. I saw a good deal that came with it so I ordered a Paco Rabanne 1 Million Gift Set. Aside from the spray, it comes with a 3.4 oz. shower gel, a 2.5 oz. after shave, and a FREE duffle. It has been his favorite scent to wear especially during family gatherings because of its distinct spicy leathery scent. In his words, ‘manly scent’ women want.

I don’t know about that. All I know is his eyes light up every time mom gives him this particular scent. In his teens he grew up collecting different bottles of branded fragrances. He settled for Paco Rabanne while in College courting my mom. I guess they both love the scent. Until now, when they go out on dinner dates, mom tells me they always end up holding hands while walking when dad wears this. Maybe I should try it on one time?

I asked both items be gift wrapped and sent to my father’s address. I know he will enjoy these items. This is the only way I can send my gratitude to him for all these years he stood by me and our family. Remembering him on Father’s day is a tiny task to do but the thought of giving someone your appreciation is timeless!

Photo credits: Carson’s (C) 2014 Bon-Ton Stores, Inc.

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