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Get a Backyard Movie Projector Kit and have the Big Screen Outdoors

As I have been looking for ways to entertain more in our own backyard, I have been finding all kinds of neat products to turn the yard into my own personal oasis, but then I thought wouldn’t it be cool to watch your latest movies outdoors?

I started researching backyard movie projectors and screens and yes it can get expensive, especially if you want state of the art high end outdoor movie screens that could entertain the entire neighbourhood! But I simply want something for my own backyard. I don’t need to entertain the entire street, and I am not sure they would want to see such a big screen in my yard.

So, after much research, I have found this great outdoor movie projector and screen as a kit. Since I don’t own fancy movie equipment and I definitely don’t own a big backyard movie screen then I thought this kit was a great way to get setup. It comes with an inflatable movie screen which is perfect for storage afterwards.

Storage has always been an issue with me, it is why I won’t buy things for the yard that simply can’t stay out there, so when I saw the massive outdoor screens you could get, I thought, where would I put that afterwards?

Backyard Movie Projector Kit

Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screens

This seemed like a better alternative to the larger ones. You get a pump included in the kit and it will instantly blow up your outdoor screen, it even comes with inflatable lifters to raise your screen if you need it to be higher. It is a 72 inch one which I think is large enough for my yard and for our private viewing. You can get larger but I thought this would be perfect.

The Perfect Backyard Movie Projector

The projector is LCD and can be plugged into a regular outlet or can run off portable power, which I thought was the perfect way to take this camping or to the cottage if you don’t have regular power.

By getting the kit, it is not as expensive as some of the other larger sets, and this is the perfect size for my yard. It will actually fit quite nicely on my back deck. All you need is to have snacks ready such as popcorn and a few comfy chairs and maybe a blanket or two if it is a bit cool and it will feel like you are at the drive-in.

This would be perfect for entertaining, and it is portable and will all fit into this carrying case so you can take it to your friends or relatives houses at that next gathering.

What a great way to enjoy a summer’s night. So, if you have been contemplating outdoor entertainment such as the big outdoor screens and projectors but thought they were out of your reach and were too big for your smaller space, then you should check out this smaller portable setup.

Fun Way to Go to the Movies Without Leaving Home

Since you are in your own yard, you can open a few beverages and kick back and have a good time. So, if you are trying to create an oasis in your yard this year without major construction and expense then you can set up fast patios with click together outdoor flooring or portable outdoor privacy screens or add an outdoor gas fire pit for some really nice ambiance while watching your backyard movie screen.

Now if only I could convince hubby to get us a hot tub so that we can watch the movies from the hot tub, now that would feel like a 5 star hotel right in my own yard and would now be the perfect oasis.

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