Get a Copy of a Fake Marriage License

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You can get a copy of a fake marriage license to play pranks on your friends, making them believe you tied the knot with someone else. It’s a good way to convince someone you have become husband and wife. No matter what the reasoning, it’s not nearly as hard to get something like this for free. Listed below are some of the ways you can do this.

  • Photocopy a Real Certificate: If someone you know still has a copy of a real marriage license, why not just make some copies and change the names? It can work pretty well when you look to make a fake document like this for pretend situations or for jokes. It was pass the eye test at a glance, which will be all you need to do to convince others you are now, or will be husband and wife.
  • Downloading Online: There are some free sites out there where you can get a copy of a fake marriage license free of charge and print them out. This is another good way to pass off a phony certificate as real at a glance. It will make your friends believe you are now husband and wife, even if you were never engaged to be married in the past. It’s not too hard to pull this one off.
  • Make Your Own: If you have decent skills with your computer, you can make your own document to pass off as an original to your friends and would-be groomsmen and bridesmaids. No need to have a wedding ceremony, dance, or wedding reception when you are just looking to convince people you have taken the plunge into holy matrimony. It’s not that hard to do these days.
  • Have Fun: If you are going to trick your friends and family members with a copy of fake marriage license, why not take it up a notch and keep the rouse going a little longer? Place an ad in the paper, announcing your union, complete with photos. It will cost a little money, but a good joke sometimes does. In addition, you can get rings, even if they aren’t genuine, to make it seem even more believable to anyone that sees them
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You do have some options when you are looking for pretend documents, but you should never attempt to pass them off as real. Doing so could get you into trouble, even legal trouble. Play it safe and make sure you don’t have your copy of a fake marriage license look too much like a real certificate.

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