Get a Free Fake Police Ticket

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It’s possible to get your own free fake police ticket and even come up with some great, unique ideas for a phony citation. These can be used as an April Fool’s Day joke, a practical joke to pull on a friend, or just as a gag that you can use on almost anyone. In this article, I’ll go over the ways to find a fake police ticket without having to pay a dollar to get it, and some ideas you may want to use if you have a chance to tailor your own.

Where to Look

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Listed below are just a few of the places you can look for a play citation. Including are ways to get them without charge and a couple of places to look if you choose to take the convenient route and purchase them.

Image Sites: Both Yahoo and Google have image sites where others have put pictures of pretend parking violations, speeding tickets, and other police violations. Just find the blank one that suits your needs and print out at home. You may need to adjust the sizing before you print them out, to make them look more authentic.

Make Your Own: You can make your own fake police ticket to print out at home on your computer. You can use the ones you find online as a template or example, and tailor them to suit your needs. In fact, there’s a good chance you will be able to use a template online in the same places you would find certificate, resume, and business card samples. It’s not that hard and you can make them say anything you want.

Ideas for Citations

If you decide to make your own free police citation, fake parking ticket, or other type of violation that carries a fine, you’ll want to try to use one that suits your needs the very best. Listed below are just a few of the ideas you could want to try when you make your own and print them out at home.

Parking Violation: The cops write them, so you can use this as a joke to pull on one of your friends and make them think they got a fine.

Disorderly Conduct: Did you friend get a little wild recently? Mail him a fake police ticket for disorderly conduct or similar misdemeanor or civil forfeiture. You’ll catch their attention with this one.

Unique Ideas: There are several unique things you can do. Try things like – being an idiot, taking the girl I wanted, having too much money, being lazy, forgetting my birthday, etc. Since it’s just pretend, you can make the violation for anything you want when you use a fake police ticket.

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