Get a Job Tutoring

Get a job tutoring and you could make a decent part-time salary or even make enough money to quit your day job. There are hundreds and maybe even thousands of opportunities to get a job tutoring. Competition to get in good schools is greater than ever, making it vital for students to have the highest test scores possible. This creates a huge market for anyone with the necessary skills to help students make big improvements in their grades. This is a great opportunity for unemployed teachers. Teachers already have the knowledge and experience to be good tutors. It should be easy for a teacher to do one-on-one tutoring after having taught classes with thirty or more students. Math and science tutors are most likely to be the tutors with the highest demand.

Professional Image

Even though tutoring may be a part-time or one-on-one situation, you should plan to be professional. They say “Image is everything” and “first impressions” are very important. So you should plan to dress appropriately as you would for any other job. A coat and tie shouldn’t be necessary under normal circumstances but your attire should be appropriate. You also need to be prompt for interviews and for classes. Clients are counting on you to make a life changing difference and they will pay good money for your service. Having a pleasant personality can make the difference in whether you get a job tutoring or not so try to be friendly and courteous.


To get a job tutoring, try to get letters of referral from references to offer to potential clients. Your references could be a former employer, a religious leader, or a former client. Letters of referral can serve as character references, showcase your experience and help gain trust. Once you get a job tutoring, ask for a Letter of Referral after the assignment ends.


Having a website, and business cards can help you get a job tutoring and add a professional touch to your business. These are great ways to market your business and establish a brand. A brand is when your name and/or face, logo, and the name of your business are all recognized as the provider of your service or product. Tell your friends and family to spread the word about your plan to get a job tutoring.


Having competitive rates is a must. Go on-line to see what other tutors charge for tutoring. You might have to do some creative financing to get a job tutoring. For example, you could make the first half hour free. Be prepared for a background check before you get a job tutoring. Parents that look for tutors want to know that their children will be safe with their tutor. Add these guidelines to your business plan and keep doing research to get a job tutoring.