Get a Lorax Hoodie Hat | Help Save the Environment!

Oh, how we love Dr. Seuss! From ‘The Cat in the Hat’ up to ‘The Lorax,’ there’s something about these books that bring out the children in adults and teach children grown-up lessons. Tell me there’s a better book than Dr. Seuss, and I wouldn’t believe you. Wink!

But kidding aside, a Dr. Seuss book is timeless and whimsical yet very educational. And in my opinion, if fairy tales weren’t invented long before Dr. Seuss books came into being, the world couldn’t get enough of the Grinch, the anthropomorphic cat, and of course, the Lorax.

The Lorax’s Social Relevance

It doesn’t take a genius to know and understand the message Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax is trying to say. It speaks about a long-standing issue about the harmful effects of the resultant greed that industrialization brings to the environment.

If you go over the pages of the book, you’ll be surprised at how effectively the short verses deliver a powerful message. There’s not even a lot of characters and colorful images. But yes, the message is very, very clear: Man should be more responsible for the environment.

It’s not a complicated message, is it?

Read the book with your kids: The Lorax.

Lorax Hoodie Hat

You don’t have to join any non-profit organization to help protect the environment (though you’re always welcome to try). As a matter of fact, you can be a Lorax in your own simple ways. Sometimes information dissemination can be enough to trigger a community to help solve a problem. This is a simple, yet super effective strategy. You can start a blog. You can create a song. You can write a story. You can even write an article and get it published online.

Or you can wear a Lorax hoodie hat, like this.
Lorax Hoodie Hat

As you can see, this hat functions as a funny costume and an adorable headpiece / headwear. If you’d like to celebrate World Book Day but don’t want to wear a costume, this Lorax hoodie hat will make sure that you’re covered. But aside from that, this hat is also made from 70% polyester and 20% plastic so both comfort and durability are ensured.

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