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Get Free Cannabis Seeds To Celebrate Legalization In Oregon on July 1

cannabis plantCommemorative seed give away will mark the legalization of marijuana use in the state of Oregon

July 1st will be the start of some big changes for Oregon as marijuana is legalized. It’s a subject that has been debated for years and years, and it now seems that Oregon is ready to embrace the change. Starting with a commemorative seed give away.

Purpose of Legalization

The legalization of marijuana is something that has been spoken about and protested for and against for many years. The decision by the state of Oregon to legalize is part of a plan to improve the community, by eliminating problems made by prohibition and uncontrolled manufacture.

With such limited law enforcement resources in Oregon, this will help create a sense of safety and well-being by prioritizing what few resources they do have in a rational and consistent way. Permits and licences will be issued to control the amount of marijuana people can have access to and how much they will be allowed to grow themselves.

By regulating all aspects of the process it will make the transition from illegal to legal a lot more manageable, and prevent people taking advantage of a new system.

Free Seed Give Away

In celebration of the legalization there will be a free give away of cannabis seeds on July 1st. The Stoney Girl Gardens and Portlandsterdam University will host the commemorative event showing their support of the legalization and encourage others to come down and do the same.

At the event you will receive your own seed packet and enter a prize draw to win a seat at Portlandsterdam Universities upcoming “Plant and Grow Class”. In the class you will be taught how to plant and look after your own cannabis plant, and then get to take it home with you at the end. Here are some of the requirements and information about the event:

  •  Must Be 21 Or Older With Valid ID
  •  One Day Only While Supplies Last – July 1, 2015: 9am – 9pm
  • • Seed Claim/Prize Entry Does Not Guarantee You Will Receive A Seed Pack
  • • Must Redeem Claims Ticket On Event Day For A Chance To Win Prize
  • • One Entry Per Person. Duplicate Entries Will Be Rejected
  • Don’t forget to print your entry ticket and bring it with you to the event

Buying Seeds Online

You can buy pretty much anything online these days, and with the legalization of cannabis you can now buy seeds for that online too. A quick Google search is all you need to do to find plenty of sites that are selling seeds for all different types of marijuana plant, all of which having a very unique name.

These sites are just as well set up as any other online store just with the addition of a controversial product. Big Bud Club is a good place to start your online shopping trip – they deliver all over the world.

Everyone is bound to have an opinion about the legalization of cannabis. Making it legal is a controversial change, but that change could make many improvements in the near future.

Events such as the seed give away demonstrate how many people are making the transition into legalization a public affair and encouraging people to embrace the change. Time will tell if it proves to be beneficial to Oregon or other states.

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