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Twinkies History

The Twinkie cake debuted in 1930 and it seems as if we’ve had these sweet treats for decades and it’s true! During the depression, the twinkie was born and they started making banana filled cakes way back then. During World War II, it was cheaper yet to use vanilla filling because the bananas were being rationed during war time. Since then, the Twinkie has become an American Icon. Will we be able to survive without it?

Hostess Brands

Hostess, the company that makes our famed Twinkies, along with Wonder Bread and some other treats is going out of business. Laying off it’s 18,500 workers, most of its operations will be closing. If you live near one of its stores you may be able to get lucky and go buy what they have left, but if you don’t then you need another way to find your beloved Twinkies. Has Twinkies

Right now Amazon has Twinkies, but who knows for how long! If you love these snacks, then you may want to click the photo above and get yourself some Hostess Chocolate Creme cakes while you can.

Do you love the Zingers? They are iced devil’s food cake filled with creme. Or, if you like Vanilla, they have those too, but you better get your share and throw them in the freezer for some good treats down the road!

Strawberry filled cupcakes by Hostess

These delicious cupcakes will make your mouth water just thinking about them. One of the reviewers said that they taste like Strawberry Capt’n Crunch cereal. Right now Amazon has them but probably not for long!

While Hostess has filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy before, this time the owner says that he is closing the doors. Too much competition from such products like Oreos and Chips Ahoy have kept sales from making him a good profit. Union bakeries were allegedly keeping the company from making a profit but if you talk to union workers, that just isn’t true. Is this the end for this American Icon or will someone buy the Twinkie brand at the last minute and save the day? Don’t speculate, go to and stock up today!