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If you are interested in getting your hands on mug shots of people in jail, be rest assured that is possible and you don’t have to pay to get them. You need to be careful with internet sites requesting that you sign up in order to be able to access their database of mug shots. The main problem with these types of sites is that they continue sending you spam emails which can be irritating. It is obvious you don’t want to go through so much hassle just because you want a mug shot of someone in jail. Below are ideas of getting your shots free of charge without the hassle.

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Step 1

One of the first places to begin your search is going to Google or Yahoo images looking for mug shots of people in jail. You can easily access pictures of famous people or just ordinary citizens in prisons. If you have a name in mind, you can narrow down your search by typing in more details. That is one way of getting what you want but it might not give you the exact pictures you want. There are other ways to get those elusive prison shots.

Step 2

If your want more localized results, you can go to your local Sheriff Office website to view some of the mug shots of people in jail. The fact that you are doing a local search will no doubt provide the best results. This will also give better information about certain individuals that might not be available through your Google or Yahoo images search. You need to know that some countries will not make these pictures available online. That said, things are beginning to change and more countries are making these mugs shots available online. The freedom of information and the right to know seems to be catching up when it comes to getting access to otherwise confidential shots. It is interesting that you don’t have to pay to see these mug shots of people in jail. You can even access your own mug shot and remember the good old days.

Step 3

There are specialized sites like that have a database of mug shots of people in jail for you to access. This site holds records of sex offenders hence you will only have access to those who have been convicted of a serious sex crimes. If that is not what you are looking for, it is nevertheless a starting point and a way to see mug shots of people jail. The site allows you to look up for specific individuals and you already know what they did.

Step 4

If all your efforts are not getting you the desired results, you can still use sites like Facebook to get your free mug shots of people in jail. Going down this road can either lead you to what you want or can it be a waste of time and effort. Getting mug shots of people in jail can be achieved even if you are searching for a particular person. It isn’t so much work when you want to get online mug shots of people in jail.

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