Get Paid and Get Free Flights To Anywhere In the World

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There’s a way to get paid and get free flights to anywhere in the world just for doing your job. You can do this by getting a job with an airline as a ticket counter agent, baggage handler, or ramp worker. Of course there are also some administrative positions with airlines that offer this benefit. You can work full time or supplement your income as a part-time employee for the airline. Many of these jobs are minimum wage or slightly above minimum wage positions. But the real benefit here is the opportunity to fly free to any city the airline flies to. I know people that get paid and get free flights to anywhere in the world because they work for an airline.

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As a ticket counter agent you have to have good customer service skills. Most passengers have very good attitudes but there’s always that one bad apple to give you grief. You need to be able to deal with that person calmly, respectfully, and rationally. You also need to know when to call in your supervisor to help with the situation. Having good computer skills is a must to work as a ticket counter agent for an airline. Airline ticketing is all done with dedicated software so you would get extensive training when you get hired.

As a baggage handler you need to be physically fit and capable of lifting heavy loads on a regular basis. You’ll also need to be prepared to work in extreme weather conditions. Some baggage handlers have to use computers to account for bags and sort them to make sure they get on the right flight. You would also need to maintain paperwork for each flight. Working in a tight baggage compartment under the plane on your hands and knees is par for the course for baggage handlers.

Ramp agents perform many duties including maintaining airline equipment used to service planes, helping with cleanup inside the plane, and guiding aircraft to a parking spot at the airline gate. This is very dangerous work because of the potential of heavy equipment and airplanes to do harm to ramp agents. Ramp agents work in crews so good communication skills and the ability to follow precise instructions are required.

Working for an airline requires being flexible enough to adapt to changing schedules and flight delays and any unforeseen changes that come with the job. You also need the ability to switch hats because airline agents at small stations may perform all of the duties mentioned above and more. This is a high pressure environment where you are constantly trying to mainain a flight schedule. Being able to keep your sanity is imperative. Then again, it may be one of those places where ‘you have to be a little bit crazy to work here.’ The bottom line here is, is it worth it to you to get paid and get free flights to anywhere in the world just for doing your job?

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