Get Paid to Drive Your Car

Do you know you can make money to get paid to drive your car? It is true, many individuals and families are driving their own car or a new car. These cars, trucks and SUVs are decked out in ads that can be complete-car wraps that look sensational on truck and SUVs. You can also choose to drive a vehicle that has partial wraps and even just simple window decals that you can change when it is time to do so. These decals are easy to remove and they will not cause any damage to the clear-coat finish on your car, truck or SUV.

You Have Seen These Vehicles On the Road!

Have you been traveling on the road and seen any of these interesting get-paid-to-drive or free-car program vehicles driving along side of you and wondered what was up? The people driving those vehicles with the advertisements on them, get to drive that vehicle free of charge. The only thing you are responsible for is the gas you use, vehicle maintenance, and your car insurance payments. You can be one of those people who get paid to drive your car!

imageHPI Sprint 2 Drift RTR w/Nissan 350Z Body & TF-40 2.4GHz Radio System – HPI106154


How Can You Qualify To Get Paid to Drive Your Car?

You will need a valid drivers license of course, you must be 18 years old or older with an excellent drivers record and a clean car is you plan to drive your own car. After joining the program you will need to sign an agreement that states, how and where you will drive the car with the advertisements on it, how long you will be driving as well as under what conditions you will be able to drive the vehicle. Once you are accepted you may or may not be able to choose the type of advertisement that will be applied to your vehicle, since this will depend upon the company and the type of ads it will place. However, you can always turn down and ad offer and then wait for a more acceptable ad to come along for you.

imageNASCAR Jeff Gordon No. 24 Drive To End Hunger Chevy 100 Years 2011 Sprint Cup Diecast Car


Keep in mind that you will have to have the ads inspected from time to time and you will not be permitted to remove the ads from your vehicle yourself. However, you can drive your car anywhere you want to go. The more exposure the vehicle gets the better. You see many companies are using vehicle advertisements such as this to cut down on advertising fees that may accumulate from the use of billboard advertising. These vehicles get much more exposure than billboards that are above the line of view for many drivers. You cannot help but to notice these cars, trucks and SUVs traveling the roads beside you. This type of adverting is effective and companies are willing to let you drive a car free so that they get the advertising exposure they need.

imageTraxxas 1/16 Ken Block Gymkhana Fiesta 4WD Brushed RTR Rally Racer – TRA7308


You Can Get Paid to Drive Your Car Today!

You can get paid to drive your car or even a different car, depending upon the company you are using and whether there are any new vehicles to drive. You may drive your own with the ad wraps or decals attached. You may not have a choice as to the make and model of vehicle you can drive. However, most likely they will provide other vehicle options from which you can choose.