Get Ready for the First Snow Fall of Winter

When the first snow is nearing it is important to remember a few things that you need to do to get ready for the first snow fall of winter. Every year the first snow seems to take us by surprise and, invariably, we wish we had gotten ready just a little bit earlier. Here are some tips to get ready for winter and the snowfall that it brings.

Put up your Christmas lights. Adding lights to the exterior of your home in October or November is so much more enjoyable than after the first snow has fallen and cold temperature have arrived. Make a point to decorate your house with lights while you are still comfortable on a ladder and you can breeze right into December ready to go.

Find the scraper. You remember that scraper that you put in the car over winter right? Now where did that go? Now is the time to find the scraper and get it in your car where you can reach it. If you can’t find it maybe it’s time for a ice scrapernew ice scraper. The first snow fall tends to fall when temperatures are still warmer which leads to a higher probability of ice. You are going to be glad you are ready.

Get the shovel ready. It doesn’t if it is any of the different kinds of snow shovels, as long as you have it ready and at the front of the garage. Move those rakes and garden tools back. You need the shovels to be front and center now.

Locate your gloves and hat. Your coat closet may have gone through some changes over the summer, with light jackets and rain boots taking favor over warm winter gear. Now is the time to find your favorite gloves and hat so that they are ready for the first snow that is on the way.

Put the mower away and get the snow thrower ready. Once the lawn has gone dormant you can winterize your lawn mower and get the snow thrower ready by checking the oil and making sure you have some fresh gas. Go ahead and give it a start too so you know it is good to go.

Check the furnace. If it has been a while it’s a good idea to have your furnace serviced for the winter to keep it running its best. This is also a good time to check your furnace filter and replace it if needed. After the snow starts falling you are bound to use it a lot more.

Find the snow toys. Hey, we have to have a little fun in the snow don’t we? Get the sleds, the skis, or whatever other snow toys you have around in one location so they are ready to go. That way you can get right out there and enjoy the fresh white stuff.

Being prepared makes the arrival of winter much easier. Get ready for the first snow fall of winter in time so you can just enjoy it.