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Get Reliable Medical Care with Primary Care Centers in Fairfax


Though, according to a well-known saying, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!” but we all know that in every practical sense, this is not possible! We all need doctors in our lives, we often fall ill or get hurt and require medical guidance of an expert to cure us and make us better. This is where primary care centers come into the picture. These centers in Fairfax act as an entry point into the medical world and offer personalized care for all our new and existing health conditions.

What are primary care centers?

Primary care centers are facilities that provide day-to-day healthcare and are the initial point of medical contact for an array of healthcare services like medical assessments, diagnostic tests and medications for persistent health situations. In simple words, the practitioners at primary care centers in Fairfax examine the patient, watch over their general health, advise precautionary care and suggest investigative tests. In case, they feel the need, they also transfer some of the patients to the specialized departments for accurate medical guidance. From curing everyday illnesses like fever, common colds, flu, infections, etc. to managing more persistent medical problems like diabetes, depression, asthma, skin diseases and blood pressure troubles, these centers are capable of dealing with anything.

These centers have separate units for gynecology, family practice, internal medicine, diagnostics, vaccinations, etc. They not only provide information about different diseases and how to prevent them, but also suggest general tips on managing various health conditions and maintaining good health and hygiene.

They are not only the primary point of medical contact but also the most frequent. We have to stay in touch with the primary medical care practitioners frequently, whether it is to manage chronic conditions or to get some diagnostic tests done or for treating some random illness or injury. Therefore, it is vital that we have utmost trust and assurance in the center and its doctors. Here are certain things that you should remember while finalizing your primary care facility in Fairfax.

1. The most crucial and foremost criterion is that the facility should be covered in your medical insurance and should be in close proximity to your residence

2. The operational hours of the center should suit you well

3. The center should be hygienic with welcoming atmosphere and cooperative staff

4. The doctors of the facility should be experienced and available on email or phone in case of any urgency

5. The facility should have an organized and efficient policy for handling emergencies

6. You should always ask for referrals and visit the facility before finalizing for your family.

Though selecting a good primary care center in Fairfax can be a tricky process but with proper research and referrals, you can easily find a facility that can provide you quality healthcare and take care of all your medical needs.

CareMed Urgent & Primary Care, led by a team of experienced medical professionals, offers urgent and primary walk-in medical care in Fairfax,( ), Fair Oaks, and Centerville areas to treat adults and children with non-life threatening illnesses and injuries. Visit to know the different types of primary health care programs.

Get Reliable Medical Care with Primary Care Centers in Fairfax
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