Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen


Ants in the kitchen can be annoying as well as unhealthy. Many people turn to pesticides to get rid of the ants but report that these products do not work. Know that kitchen invasions of ants are usually more prevalent during the rainy season or when the weather is cold. The ants will also find their way into your kitchen when it is hot outdoors or there is a drought condition.

I have ants in the my kitchen when the summer months get hot or there is a drought. I get rid of my ants in my kitchen with Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade. This is a natural product that will not harm humans or pets but it will kill the ants on your kitchen counter.

There are a few steps for getting rid of ants in your kitchen. First you must buy a a pest pistol product that will allow you to apply a dusting of the Diatomaceous earth food grade. You can buy a dust applicator at find this product where the DE is sold, or put some earth into a shaker (see photo below I use a powder sugar shaker that at bought at

You will also need a fine particle ventilator mask to prevent breathing the earth. Before you begin ant removal treatment, make sure there is no air circulation; ceiling fan, air conditioner, breeze from window. Once the DE is settled on the hard surface it is not harmful to humans or pets.

Apply the DE under your cabinets, behind your refrigerators and stove, in the back of your dish and food cabinets and spread it in front of all entrances to your home and other ant points of entry. The Diatomaceous earth will not harm your family or your pets however it will cut the ants and cause dehydration and death.