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Get Rid of Ants with Diatomaceous Earth

The best way to get rid of ants is to determine why the ants are invading your home.  Is it food or are they seeking hydration? Remove the attraction and then get rid of the ants without using toxic chemicals.  Kill the ants naturally with diatomaceous earth food grade.


Finding the Ant Trail

Determine how the ants are getting into your home.  Do this by examining the exterior of your home for openings.  Check your exterior doors for weather stripping. Next check your water pipes for leaks or condensation.  Ants need water and if it is hot outdoors or drought conditions then they will hydrate themselves from your water pipes.  Investigate your kitchen and living areas for leftover food particles. If your home has food crumbs or a leaky faucet then your home is at risk for an invasion of ants.

Treating Home with Diatomaceous Earth

Get rid of ants by dusting your home with diatomaceous earth food grade.  You will need to put on your particle ventilator mask then add the earth to a duster.  Treat your cabinets, under the sink, behind your appliances and along your baseboards with a dusting of the diatomaceous earth food grade.  Dust your drapes, upholstered furniture, carpet, pet beds and bed linens with the earth.  Continue dusting in your attic and in your basement or crawl space.

If ants are present when you are dusting, then it will take approximately 20 minutes for the diatomaceous earth to kill the ants. Diatomaceous earth is a natural way to kill the ants as it cuts into their bodies and causes dehydration followed by death.

Continuing the earth application outdoors, by dusting the exterior perimeter of your home, get the dust next to your foundation.  Also apply a fine line of DE in front of your door entrances.

Another way to get rid of ants is to make a paste by mixing diatomaceous earth food grade with water.  Then apply the paste with a putty knife. The paste is a good application under the kitchen or bathroom sink as you can spread it straight across the back of the cabinet. Also apply the paste to the top of your water pipes.



Buy food grade diatomaceous earth only.

While you are treating your home with a dusting of diatomaceous earth remove all pets from your home and family members, cover your fish tank with a towel.  The diatomaceous earth can be ingested by humans and pets however it is harmful if you breathe the powder.  When the dust settles in approximately an hour it is not harmful.

Clean your kitchen cabinets, counters and appliances with white vinegar mixed with equal parts hot water.  Vacuum the hard surface floors and steam clean floors to remove dirt and to sanitize.  Vacuum carpets and steam clean to remove food crumbs. Feed your pets and take away any remaining food.  Remove all traces of food to prevent an ant infestation.

Diatomaceous earth will kill all household pests; bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, ticks, mites and more.

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