Get Rid Of Hair Dandruff

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We all hate Dandruff as it makes us uncomfortable from the moment we feel that we have it in our hair. It causes a lot of critical situations as it falls on the shoulders and appears on the top of hair whenever you try to scratch your head.

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With its white look it can make any look becomes so bad and also the clothes will get dirty.

Dandruff has a very bad effect on hair, when it covers your hair it prevents anything to reach to it like air, medicine or anything else and that will make you have a hair loss, you will spend a long time to get rid of it during the treatment period.

There are many reasons for Dandruff, the most common reason for it is the dryness that in your scalp, because Dandruff is a dead skin that your body decide to get it out.

There is another reason such as having an oily skin and it’s the main reason for it because this fat causes inflammation and when it becomes dry it will be dandruff.

Also when you use a chemical stuff for your hair and this stuff you bought it from anonymous sources and use it daily, it will increase the chances of having dandruff, such as (Gel, Shampoo, Hair Conditioner) when you need to use something like this you have to see the doctor first or buy a high quality product.

When seasons change like winter or summer and differences in temperature will cause dandruff because your scalp skin used to a specific temperature and when it become changed your skin is not going to be up to it.

There are also diseases that a reason for it likes Psoriasis, this disease it like a white cover on your skin and usually in the top of the scalp and it produces dandruff from time to time.

Avoid Dandruff

You can avoid this annoyed dandruff by stop using the chemical stuff in your hair.

Eating vegetables such as vegetables with the pure Green color like Spinach and Arugula both of them have a very good effect on your scalp and hair health.

Drinking milk is a very fast way to decrease the dryness in your scalp and also it has vitamins and will support your hair with it.

Try as much as you can avoid the sudden change in temperature like you are in a place that has a certain temperature or air-conditioned and then you get out in a different temperature.

Wash your hair well with a large amount of after using shampoo water to make sure that you remove the shampoo or the hair conditioner totally from your scalp.

Treat it:

Keep your hair clean and make sure you wash as it will make it has no ducts.

Using olive oil is a very good cure for scalp and makes your hair grow faster.

If there is no response to the above, you have to see a doctor.

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