News Get Your Backup Generator Installed Starting at Only 2,000...

Get Your Backup Generator Installed Starting at Only 2,000 Dollars


You can get a home backup generator for your house installed starting at only 2,000 dollars. After you install a standby generator, your family never has to worry about not having power again. From New York to the Rocky Mountains, ice storms break tree limbs which in turn break power limbs and leave you without power. Several factors determine the cost of buying and installing whole or partial residential backup power. To calculate how much it will cost to install backup power, you have to consider the size of your house, whole or partial backup power, the manufacturer, installation cost, and building codes. There may be other cost but these are the major factors that drive cost.

Get Your Backup Generator Installed Starting at Only 2,000 Dollars

How Much Does It Cost to Install A Backup Generator?

The Size of Your House

The areas that you choose to restore power to are the key to how much you’ll pay for automatic backup power. Choosing wisely can help you avoid sticker shock. If you have a 1,000 sf multi-level home, your house probably has lots of rooms, hallways, and possibly a garage and basement to supply power to. The cost to install backup power in a situation like this depends on how much and where you want power restored. To restore power to everything in this example a high-end generator the cost go up to $20,000 dollars, depending on the electrical loads in your home.

The areas that you choose to restore power to are the key to how much you’ll pay for automatic backup power. Choosing wisely can help you avoid sticker shock. A home power generator for a smaller home would cost much less but you have the same options of full and partial restoration. Restoring power to major traffic areas and essential areas like bathrooms are good places to target.

The Type of Generator (Whole Home/Partial)

Obviously a partial home backup generator will cost less than full backup in most cases. Whole home generators are great because they give you access to all of the work and play that electricity allows us to do. If you just want to be comfortable and not worry about when power will be restored, a whole home generator is the way to go.

Partial home generators are an economical way to restore partial power quickly and safely. It’s a good option if you’re looking for a good deal. The electricity from a partial backup generator will give you lights and power to receptacles wherever you choose. Whether you choose whole home or partial backup, you get the peace, comfort, and satisfaction of knowing that you can go on with life the way you like it.

The Generator Power Rating

Average home generator ratings range from around 6kW – 60 kW. Ratings vary from vendor to vendor. Most vendors have sizing tools on their websites that can help you choose the right size generator for your home. If you buy from a brick and mortar store like Lowes or home Depot, their are knowledgeable associates there that can help you size a backup generator.

The Generator Manufacturer

Kohler, Generac, Siemens, Cummins, and Briggs and Stratton are some of the major home generator manufacturers. They sell a wide range of generators to suit different needs. Some of them sell residential generators starting at around $2,000 dollars. They also sell a full line of generator accessories.

Local Building Codes

Local Building Codes May require you to purchase a permit before installing a home generator. Cost for an installation permit could vary from state to state. Installation requirements may also vary from state to state. Check with your local Building Inspectors Office before you buy a generator.

The Electrician (Optional)

You could have your new backup generator installed by the manufacturer or retailer that you purchased it from or by an electrician of your choosing. If you buy your generator from a manufacturer or retailer, they may also offer to install it at an additional cost. You could save money by choosing an electrician. But having the installation done right is the most important thing. So it’s important to find a qualified, competent electrician.

Light the Way Home for Your Family

Imagine having a power generator monitoring your homes power 24/7 starting at under $2,000 dollars. You can leave home confident that your generator will automatically switch on if you lose power whether you’re home or away. How much is it worth to come home to a fully lighted house when all of the other homes on the street are dark?

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Get Your Backup Generator Installed Starting at Only 2,000 Dollars
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