Getting a Cheap Refurbished iPhone 4

Where Can You Find A Cheap Refurbished iPhone 4?

Have you ever thought about purchasing a cheap refurbished iPhone 4? If you haven’t, then what you are thinking about doing is spending way too much money on your new iPhone 4. A refurbished phone is just as good as a brand new phone, but with one key difference – it’s refurbished! You can still get the AppleCare extended warranties, still get replacement value, and you get all of that without having to pay the new phone price. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Here’s how it works:

What Does It Mean To Have a Cheap Refurbished iPhone 4?

As Apple strives to keep a strict control on their proprietary systems, such as the iPhone iOS, they have sought to control the resale of their phones. One way they do this is through the refurbishing program. When Apple does this, they have technicians who are Apple certified completely strip a returned iPhone and restore it to its factory defaults. Then Apple certifies the iPhone as “refurbished” as this is still a resell of a prior owned or used iPhone they price is usually markedly different from a brand new phone.

Finding Sellers For a Cheap Refurbished iPhone 4

One now needs to be careful as you should always check the credentials of anyone offering you a cheap refurbished iPhone 4 as there are dealers on ebay and Amazon that have been given rights by Apple, AT&T, and Verizon to sell the iPhone. These iPhones will potentially still be locked until you sign a new contract with either carrier to use the iPhone. At that time, then the iPhone will be unlocked, you will be able to use it as if you just purchased a new contract iPhone, and that’s what you want from a cheap refurbished iPhone 4.

You Can Even Get AppleCare with a Cheap Refurbished iPhone 4

Once you have found the cheap refurbished iPhone 4 that you want and have purchased it, whether through a program at a dealer such as AT&T or Verizon or through an accredited Apple dealer, you will be able to sign up for the same extended care program as anyone buying an Apple product. This program is run through Apple’s AppleCare program. Every iPhone, whether refurbished or new, comes with an available one year of hardware repair coverage via its limited warranty program. This program means that if there is anything that goes wrong with the basic control functions of the phone even after a refurbishment program Apple will repair it or replace the device. Upon buying an iPhone,Apple gives you an automatic ninety days to use their courtesy support, but you can get up to two years.

That’s right! AppleCare+ for iPhone is an extension available if you want that allows you to extend your warranty coverage up to an additional two years from the initial purchase device and allows for up to two occurrences of accidental damage that Apple will cover in the event you damage your iPhone. Each incident is subject to a $49 service fee, however. You can buy this coverage online or in an Apple Store and you can either send you phone to a service center or take it to an Apple Store if there happens to be any issues with your iPhone during the warranty coverage period. Finding a cheap refurbished iPhone 4 may take some effort, but given the potential savings, it is worth it!