Getting enough energy to take you throughout the day

It is hard getting children to take naps throughout the day, so we try to lure to them to sleep by giving them numerous activities, and games to tire them out. As they grow older bed time becomes more of a chore with the pleading of five more minutes. Later in their twenties, then it is the late night with the friends until wee hours of the morning.

Now that Mr. Sleep have been avoided the body is craving it, no longer is it avoidance but, the need o get more of it. Many days the body can feel sluggish and coffee may be used to get an energy boost. Going to bed is no longer a bother but, you now go willingly.

Twenty five percent of Americans are walking around tired and fatigue and two to three percent are severely fatigue and it is affecting their personal and professional life.

It matters not what is responsible for the fatigue but, what can be done to rectify the problem. Poor eating can manifest the fatigue. The body needs proper nutrition to be at its best.

The body works in synchronized motion with the nerve cells in the brain to communicate with the help of the neurotransmitters. These little motions are called chemical messages and are affected by energy level and how you feel and any given moment.

A deficiency in vitamin B12 can leave the body not unable to convert food in to usable energy. The foods that we get vitamin B12 are cauliflower, cabbage, banana and wheat germ. It is important to consume of wide variety of fruits and vegetables to ensure you are getting enough energy to take ou throughout the day.

Water for Hydration

Water keeps the body supple and energized. The body is like a plant, if it get enough water it is perky and starts growing but, no water and it droops. The body can be sluggish when someone taps into the reserve water and stamina will be depleted.

Getting enough energy can be difficult if one is unsure of what to eat and the nutrition value of the food they are eating. Wholesome foods that are low in fat and sugar but, high in protein are for getting enough energy.

Energy consumption “DO NOT”

Say ‘no’ to coffee-Having a cup of coffee in the morning is fine , but drinking it all day as a pick me upper or having it too late in the evening can cause self imposed insomniac.

Sugar is a quick class stopper it floods the bloodstream and gives the quick jolt energy. This not good since the pancreases has to release insulin and work pumping sugar into the bank