Getting Good Wages on Part Time Employment

There are employers out there who believe that they do not have to pay good wages for part time employment simply because they are not paying for a full time position. Other employers delegate less technical jobs to part time duties so they do not have to pay fair wages to accomplish what are considered menial tasks. Just because you may want to work part time does not mean that you should not be paid a fair wage for the work you do.

Get the Correct Wage From Part Time Employment

Just as with a full time employee accepting a position, the key to getting good wages on part time employment is to negotiate them. Knowing what a full time employee makes in a similar position is essential, because a vast majority of employers simply reduce benefits and overall salary by an equal percentage to the amount of work an employee is performing. For example, a part time employee working 20 hours per week would earn half the benefits and half the salary that a full time, 40 hours per week employee would earn. Knowing the full time number means that an employer will not be able to undercut you with an unfair wage because you do not know the true value of the employment you will be doing.

Don’t Have Unreasonable Expectations Going In

Some jobs simply do not pay as well as others. If your definition of good wages on part time employment is expecting to earn $15 per hour from your job, then you may not want to seek out getting a job in fast food, dog walking, or other entry level positions. However, if you are licensed as an insurance agent and simply want to work some extra hours around your schedule, you have every right to earn the same wage as your full time counterparts. Demanding a wage that is above the going rate of that open position is simply going to get you passed over for the job.

Being the Best Means Getting Paid the Best

Sometimes getting good wages on part time employment means passing up an opportunity because a company simply cannot afford to pay you what you are worth. Certainly there is a lure to helping out a corporation build up from the ground floor and become a success, but that lure can only compensate you for so much if you are earning less than you should be and do not have a piece of the company’s future success. Being brave and accepting the perfect job means accepting the perfect job at the perfect pay level.

Sell Yourself

When it comes to getting good wages on part time employment, people sell themselves short – if they bother to sell themselves at all. Being verbal about your skills, what you can accomplish for an employer immediately upon a job offer, and providing fresh ideas even in the interview can all lead to a better salary offer. Be brave and take a chance – the worst they can do is just say no.

These things are all very easy to do and very easy to accomplish. Getting good wages on part time employment simply takes a little forethought and planning so that you can accomplish your goals.