Getting Nice Deals On Refurbished Digital Cameras

There are many nice deals available if you want to purchase refurbished/reconditioned digital cameras. Currently we live in the Age of Plenty – countless varieties of items are available for purchase, whether those products are new or not. ‘Refurbished’ items generally refers to equipment, devices or gadgets that have undegone major repair or maintenance after being shipped out. Meaning, they were originally broken, having noticeable defects or is simply having improper finishing touch, which may make them unattractive to a layperson. For example, the Sony’s lens might be slightly scratched, the paint and finishing may be fading off from the Olympus’s body, or that the Nikon’s slots are not functioning as expected, for example a tiny slit for insertion of memory cards are not molded properly, if the cameras are made from plastic-derived material.

Therefore, a refurbished digital camera refers to those devices that are unwanted in the first place and consequently brought to some maintenance center for some proper patching.

Places to Purchase Refurbished Digital Camera

This website has a special section on purely refurbished products, including, but not limited to, digital cameras. Like any other online shopping websites, prospective buyers need to register first. There is also a section selling items refurbished by the Geek Squad, which is a subsidiary of the best Buy company. Devices sld by the Geek Squad are certified and repaired by a qualified technician serving under the Best Buy flag. Reconditioned Canon digital cameras therefore may not look as good as other, newer Canon model but they certainly work the same.

The giant of online retailing, Amazon has a great variety of refurbished digital cameras available from many vendors. There are countless online shops under Amazon’s customer’s reviews, so read the opinions of other people before buying items from the vendors. Be warned, some digital cameras may have good review, but are sold by vendors with vague and shady ratings. However, there is no need to worry much when buying from Amazon, as purchases can be returned if the camera’s performance is unsatisfactory.

More of an auction site, eBay can offer many great deals on refurbished digital cameras if you look carefully through each item being offered. This is a great place to save extra cash because no only are the digital cameras here sold at a low price due to being refurbished, but are also offered through auctions. Prospective bidders may take note that sometimes auction wars often erupt over very cheap deals. Be advised, these ‘cheap deals’ can sometimes be too good to be true. Check the vendor’s return and refund policy before confirming the purchase, as well as reading other customer’s review.

This website is filled with refurbished technology items inclusing digital cameras. Deals are aplenty over there, but buyers need to be wary of hidden charges and shipping fees as well. Take note though, that third-party websites may offer coupons codes and other promotional items to encourage buyers to check out this website. Wait out, or search for deals and promotions offered by these websites.

Brick-and-mortar Shop

Alright, in modern times like this non-virtual shops may not stock much refurbished cameras, since most of the time these are sent back to manufacturers or other specialised retailers. However, certain shops do store refurbished digital cameras too, with the proprietor and their technicians often carrying out necessary repairs themselves, in the store. This means buyers can save on shipping charges, plus there is also the possibility of negotiating directly with the seller.

Second-hand Digital Cameras

If anything, camera enthusiast and hobbyist often buy used. old or damaged digital cameras and then recondition them, before selling the cameras for profit. Like the example above buying cameras through this channel can save money compared to buying from big retailers since it is a one-on-one transaction. Deals and savings can be talked through, depending on the seller’s time and material spent to recondition the digital camera. Take note, though, that sometimes the warranty may have already expired.

Characteristics to Look for on a Refurbished Digital Camera


Perhaps the most important part on making sure you have a working camera at all times. Warranties enable owners to return their defective product and get a new replacement for free. However, be advised that warranties for refurbished products are often vastly shortened compared to proper cameras. This is because refurbished cameras themselves come from an imperfect product, a product retailers deem not fit to be sold at a normal price. Therefore, warranties for refurbished products are often short-natured, and may expire a quarter of the time it took for a normal digital camera’s warranty period.

Shipping Charges

Reconditioned digital cameras often have similar shipping charges with proper products. Like any other purchases, whether through online or brick-and-mortar stores, check out whether the cheap ‘deals’ might actually harbour hidden shipping fees, especially if you need the cameras to be sent overseas.

Proper Functioning and Photographing

Refurbished cameras aren’t as perfect as normal products, so expect some kinks and damages that may hinder the operational capabilities of the camera. Before being sold, a refurbished camera are often inspected and certified first, so at least the cameras area able to take pictures like they are intended to. If all else fails claiming a warranty before it expires can save some extra cash.

Maintenance and Life Span

Take note that reconditioned items actually originates from imperfect products, which means they may not function properly in the long-term, especially if proper maintenance is not carried out by the owner. Digital cameras, especially the tiny ones, are sensitive and fragile devices. Concussive damage and other forced impacts will definitely shorten the life span and may void the warranty if found to be done intentionally.

If you’re looking to purchase refurbished digital cameras, there are many places to buy from, provided you’ve looked around hard enough for some nice deals.