Getting Rid Of Rodents From Your Property

When your property is infested with rats or mice, it can be a huge problem and one that should be dealt with swiftly. If there is a large infestation then it’s usually better to hire a rodent control service rather than trying to tackle the problem yourself.

Professionals will use a combination of effective methods for getting rid of unwanted rodents and will also be able to advise you on preventative measures you should take in order to stop the problem occurring in the future. They’ll also be able to ensure that the best possible approach is taken for your particular type of property.

For example, in a commercial property where food is prepared and served to the public, it wouldn’t be safe to use any toxic solutions such as smoke bombs.

Preventative Measures

Prevention is much better than treatment and this applies to dealing with rodents too. There are some key preventative measures you can take to ensure that your home or business stays free of rodents.

Firstly you should ensure that any food sources are covered and not easily accessible. Food is what rodents are usually looking for when they’re finding a place to inhabit. Therefore covering food sources will go a long way to keeping your property free of rodents.

You should also make sure that any small openings are properly sealed. Rats and mice can fit through very small holes so always cover openings, not matter how insignificant you think they might be.

Rodent Control Methods

Traps are a very effective way to deal with rodents in a home or commercial property. The advantage to using traps over with other methods is that they’re non-toxic, which makes them ideal for use in properties where food is being served and toxic solutions would pose a health risk.

Traps are placed in areas of high rodent activity to get the most effective results. Most rodents are trapped on the first night of use so it’s extremely important to use a good number of traps initially.

An alternative to using traps to deal with rodents is ultrasonic repellents. The way these repellents work is by emitting a high-pitched frequency soundwave, which will prevent rats from wanting to inhabit a territory. The noises that are emitted are alternated so that the rats do net get used to them.

This is another excellent, non-toxic solutions that’s effective for getting rid of rats. It’s worth noting that the sounds from repellents do not travel through walls so it’s necessary to place them in multiple rooms in most cases.

If you’re in the capital city then you can find great pest control services that will be deal with a rodent infestation by searching for ‘rodent removal London’ or similar search terms.