Getting the Best Gaming Laptop For Sale Out There – Big Things Come In Small Packages

Getting the best gaming laptop for sale means not selling yourself short when it comes to your passion. Many manufacturers attempt to sway customers in by talking about the great gaming features that their particular laptop has, but upon purchase, many of these laptops simply fall short. Whether it is not enough memory, not enough storage, or just simply not enough processing power, you don’t want to spend good money on a bad laptop. So when it comes to the best gaming laptop for sale out there, only one computer fits the bill.

The Alienware M18x

Though there are a few laptops out there that have a few more features or a little extra processing power, for the money and what you can do with the Alienware M18X is what makes it the best gaming laptop for sale. With either dual graphics cards or dual AMD processors, this beast of a laptop will give awesome frame rates, but what makes it truly exceptional is if you spring for the optional Intel Core i7 processor that over clocks at 4.0 Ghz. In addition, with options to take the computer to 32GB of memory with dual hard disk drives, you will truly be able to take your gaming to the extreme!

See Games In Detail Like Never Before

Another great feature of the Alienware M18x that makes it the best gaming laptop for sale is its truly exceptional graphics capability. With up to 4GB of just graphics memory in addition to the 32GB you can have on a full 1080p, 18′ screen, you can crank up the visuals to the max in whatever game you are playing. You have not truly seen what your games can do until you’e run it on the Alienware M18x.

Never Worry About Overheating

Unlike some of its competitors, the Alienware M18x is able to keep its cool after a nice gaming session. Never having to worry about where you are gaming makes this outstanding laptop also makes this the best gaming laptop for sale out there. Though heavier than the average laptop, it is still portable and won’t even breach 90 degrees after long periods of gaming or even video streaming. This allows you to play where you want, whenever you want, without worrying about damaging your investment.

The Best Overall Layout Available

As if all of that wasn’t enough, there’s still more that makes the Alienware M18x the best gaming laptop for sale. With a full number pad, this computer has five different macro keys with a sixth function key that allows the user to switch between 3 modes, meaning a gamer can set up 15 different macros for a game. The M18x also has Alienware’s trademark customizable backlighting so that you can express your personality, comes with 4 USB ports, HDMI both in and out, a Blu-Ray player, and a microphone jack for online game play coordination.

There is no doubt that the Alienware M18x is the best gaming laptop for sale on the market today – with a full system priced over $2,250, it may not be for everyone, but an investment in this fully upgraded computer will give you a lifetime of gaming pleasure.