Getting the most out of your smart phone

These days it is very common to see people underutilizing their smart phones. By underutilization I mean not using or being oblivious of the advanced functions there is in your phone. Every smart phone is able to send/receive emails, browse the web, record videos and navigate using GPS technology. They are pocket sized computers that can run thousands of applications.

If you already own a smart phone or planning on upgrading this article is for you. I have written about some features and how to take advantage of them.

With a smart phone you can use software like TXTLater to automatically send out a text message at a certain time. This comes in handy when;

• You need to send a birthday/Season’s greetings and don’t want it to skip your mind.

• You need to send SMS and Email messages to person in a different time zone that won’t end up disturbing his or her sleep.

• You would like to send a calendar entry with appointment information to remind someone of an upcoming meeting (eg. 2 hours before the meeting starts).

• You need to totally automate the process of messaging on schedule.

Block unwanted calls

At some point in our lives we encounter people that persistently become a burden to us. Well, you could actually block some numbers from calling you using apps like Call Guard($2.99).

Such apps allow you to block both SMS text messages and voice calls from specified numbers. It provides you the option of creating a black list, or a white list and blocks all other calls.


You may not be a game freak, but playing games on your smart phone could transform a boring trip into a fun adventure. With the recent boom of the mobile gaming industry there are thousands of games out there most of which you can download for as low as 99 cents. My favorites are Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja.

Documenting your trip – One of the great things you could do with your smart phone is take photos. The ability to add the exact location where your photo was taken even makes this better. Many smart phone photo applications allows you to geo-tag where the picture was taken and a few others allow you to build a travel journal.